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Burro's Series B Funding Boosts Its Vision for Outdoor Autonomous Robotics

Burro's Team
Burro's Team

Burro, an innovative autonomous mobility company based in Philadelphia, has successfully closed a $24 million Series B funding round. The round was co-led by New York City-based growth equity firm Catalyst Investors and Translink Capital, with additional contributions from existing investors S2G Ventures, Toyota Ventures, F-Prime Capital, and Cibus Capital. Brian Rich, managing partner with Catalyst Investors, and Kaz Kikuchi from Translink Capital, are set to join Burro’s Board, marking a new phase in the company’s growth.

Pioneering Outdoor Robotics

Founded in 2017, Burro has made significant strides in outdoor autonomous technology. Initially launched with a mobility platform to address the challenges of rising wages and a shrinking workforce, Burro has since evolved. The company now boasts over 300 robots, primarily serving as harvest assist robots in nurseries and permanent crops. These robots autonomously tow trailers, patrol depot yards, and act as platforms for a growing number of technology partners.

A Breakthrough in Collaborative Robotic Platforms

Burro stands out as the first company to safely and reliably deploy collaborative robotic platforms in outdoor environments alongside human workers. This innovation has enabled customers to significantly boost workforce efficiency within just one year of investment. With over 75,000 autonomous miles in commercial use and more than 300,000 hours in operation, Burro has demonstrated the reliability and scalability of its technology, paving the way for expansion into new markets and regions.

A Vision for Future Expansion

Charlie Andersen, CEO of Burro, emphasizes the uniqueness of their product in the robotics industry. “Robots have long been confined to warehouses and factories. Few robotics companies have successfully scaled outdoors into industries like agriculture and construction,” said Andersen. “With this funding, we aim to address real-world problems and distribute solutions globally through our network of dealers.”

Brian Rich of Catalyst Investors highlighted Burro's unique approach to augmenting labor with machines that work safely outdoors alongside humans, significantly increasing efficiency and production. Kaz Kikuchi from Translink Capital also expressed enthusiasm for Burro's novel approach to automation in agriculture.

Upcoming Developments and Expansion Plans

In response to customer demand, Burro is gearing up to launch new products, including the Burro Grande. This new offering expands beyond people scale to a true pallet scale vehicle, featuring advanced software for autonomous indoor and outdoor operation.

The company is rapidly growing within the US in sectors like berry and grape farming, and nurseries, with systems also operational in Australia and New Zealand. Burro is poised to address a significant portion of the $1.2 trillion US outdoor labor market, where automation presents solutions to some of the industry's most pressing challenges.


With its recent Series B funding, Burro is set to expand its commercial, product, and engineering teams, bring on more dealers, and introduce groundbreaking products. The company’s journey represents a significant leap forward in the realm of outdoor autonomous robotics, potentially reshaping industries and labor practices across various outdoor sectors.


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