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Crisp Raises $37 Million to Expand Dutch Grocery Delivery

Crisp, the Amsterdam-based grocery app known for its focus on local and seasonal food delivery, has successfully raised $37 million in funding, as announced in a recent press release. This substantial investment will support Crisp's mission to provide "better food for the many" in its primary markets of the Netherlands and Belgium.

A Commitment to Sustainable Food Delivery

Crisp prides itself on its fully proprietary software and operations system, tailored specifically for local and seasonal products, and designed to create the shortest route from farm to fork. This unique approach allows customers across the country to choose from over 900 small-scale suppliers, promoting circularity, minimizing waste, and supporting responsible farming practices in the mass market.

The company, which initially launched in 2018, has witnessed impressive sales growth, even during a time when the broader online market is experiencing stagnation or decline. Crisp attributes its success to customer loyalty and a differentiated offering.

Loyalty and Unique Offering Drive Growth

Crisp Co-founder and CEO Tom Peeters explained that a typical order on their platform consists of a weekly basket comprising 30 products with a value of approximately €85 (about $92). Remarkably, 90% of the orders come from repeat customers, underscoring the company's commitment to building strong customer relationships.

Crisp's ability to maintain healthy profit margins is supported by ongoing cost rationalization efforts and increased supply chain efficiency. This becomes crucial given the challenges posed by rising inflation, which affects various aspects of the business.

While inflation may be easing in the United States, consumers are still adopting cost-saving measures, including trading down to cheaper brands and seeking better deals. This shift in consumer behavior highlights the importance of offering value-driven solutions, which Crisp aims to provide by focusing on efficiency and sustainability.

In a market where grocery shoppers are increasingly cautious and price-conscious, Crisp's commitment to delivering high-quality, seasonal, and locally sourced products sets it apart as a forward-thinking and customer-centric player. With the recent funding injection, Crisp is poised to continue expanding its footprint in the Dutch and Belgian markets, further solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable grocery delivery.


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