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DSM and Firmenich Announce Merger to Create Innovation Powerhouse

In a landmark move set to reshape the landscape of nutrition, beauty, and well-being, global leaders DSM and Firmenich have unveiled their plans to merge, establishing a formidable partnership under the banner of "DSM-Firmenich." The strategic business combination agreement (BCA) aims to create the premier force in creation and innovation across these dynamic sectors.

Creating the Innovation Powerhouse DSM, renowned for its exceptional Health and Nutrition portfolio and world-class scientific expertise, is joining forces with Firmenich, a global leader in Perfumery and Taste businesses, armed with an outstanding scientific foundation and co-creation capabilities. This alliance will give rise to a singular entity featuring four synergistic and high-performing businesses, all bolstered by cutting-edge scientific advancements.

DSM-Firmenich will leverage its comprehensive capabilities in fragrance, taste, texture, and nutrition, fueled by groundbreaking scientific research. The company will possess unmatched proprietary resources to collaborate closely with customers in achieving their aspirations. Crucially, it will be well-positioned to anticipate and cater to the evolving preferences of today's conscious consumers, who prioritize sustainability, health, and well-being.

Fueling Innovation The merger of DSM-Firmenich is poised to accelerate innovation within the industry, unlocking fresh growth avenues for customers. It will create a global-scale partner tailored to the needs of the food and beverage sector by combining DSM's Food & Beverage expertise with Firmenich's Taste & Beyond businesses.

Firmenich's dominant global Perfumery and Ingredients division will expand its presence in the Beauty realm through the incorporation of DSM's Personal Care & Aroma business. These new amalgamated businesses will be joined by DSM's high-achieving Health, Nutrition & Care, and Animal Nutrition & Health enterprises.

Customers of the combined company will gain access to an unparalleled network of research and development, creation, and application capabilities on a global scale. This extensive footprint will be informed by local consumer preferences, establishing regional and local hubs worldwide. Both DSM and Firmenich have demonstrated success in investing in and delivering groundbreaking innovations that have reshaped markets. The merger will create opportunities for pioneering and complementary digitally-powered business models, building upon the rich legacies of over 125 years of scientific discovery and innovation at each company. Strategic Rationale

Sustainability will be at the core of DSM-Firmenich's mission, embodying both companies' unwavering commitment to sustainability throughout the value chain. By uniting two organizations with shared values and longstanding dedication to addressing climate change, nurturing nature, and caring for people, the merger will play a pivotal role in advancing environmental, social, and governance leadership on a global scale.

This strategic merger holds immense promise, with attractive synergy potential that will result in double-digit EPS accretion and an enhanced strategic position in the markets where DSM-Firmenich will operate. As these industry leaders join forces, they embark on a journey to redefine innovation and create a lasting impact on the world of nutrition, beauty, and well-being.


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