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Ever.Ag Acquires Roger: A Leap Forward in AgTech Logistics and Supply Chain Management


In a decisive move to further revolutionize the agriculture supply chain, Ever.Ag, a leading AgTech company committed to sustainable and efficient food systems, has announced the acquisition of Roger®, a game-changer in bulk agriculture commodity trucking and logistics. The acquisition is set to elevate the portfolio of Ever.Ag, adding logistics prowess to its existing software, risk management, and market intelligence capabilities.

The Legacy of Roger

Roger was born out of a collective vision shared by several giants in the agricultural industry including The Andersons Inc., Cargill, Consolidated Grain and Barge, Koch Fertilizer, The Scoular Company, and Bushel. The platform aimed to create a neutral logistics platform to digitize and streamline bulk ag hauling. Recognizing the need for technical and analytical advancements to propel Roger further, the charter member companies unanimously supported its acquisition by Ever.Ag. These companies will remain on the Roger shipper advisory board, thereby continuing their commitment to the platform.

Synergies and Future Offerings

Jeff Schreiner, CEO of Roger, lauded the acquisition, saying, "Joining Ever.Ag and their innovative AgTech solutions and services allows Roger to expand our offerings, helping customers remove inefficiencies and solve real business challenges. Roger will become a more valuable resource for the entire agriculture industry."

Data-Driven Logistics Optimization

The strategic fusion of Roger's hauling information with Ever.Ag's analytics tools promises to redefine logistics management in the bulk agricultural trucking sector. Scott Sexton, CEO of Ever.Ag, commented, "Roger provides a robust solution for bulk ag trucking and logistics that is traceable, efficient, and reliable. Combining Roger with Ever.Ag's data analytics tools will provide customers with the near-real-time logistics information they need to make better business decisions."

Transparency and Traceability

A core focus of the integrated platform will be on transparency and traceability, two vital attributes in the ever-evolving agriculture supply chain. Ever.Ag will utilize Roger’s platform to manage bulk movements across all commodities, emphasizing a seamless and transparent flow of goods and information.

Conclusion: A New Milestone in AgTech Innovation

This acquisition serves as a compelling example of how combining specialized capabilities can generate significant value in the agriculture sector. With a strengthened portfolio, Ever.Ag is not only positioning itself as a one-stop solution for supply chain management but also extending its impact on a broad array of stakeholders: investors, founders, NGOs, and corporations aiming for innovation in AgTech and related sectors.

For an industry often besieged by inefficiencies and a lack of actionable data, the Ever.Ag and Roger merger promises to be a watershed moment, setting new standards for how technology can effectively optimize agricultural logistics and supply chain management.


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