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FoodTech unscripted: Edible Planet Ventures launches the Encounter.

Edible Planet Ventures, the Global FoodTech Ecosystem, is proud to announce the launch of the Encounter, a series of in-depth conversations that delve into the nuts and bolts of our collective quest for a sustainable food future.

We hit the ground running this month when on November 8th Sharon Cittone, veteran ecosystem builder, startup mentor, and EPV CEO will join TEDxThoughtForFood to talk about building unconventional collaborations in the food system. The event is part of the global movement of Countdown events that aim to amplify important voices looking for climate solutions and turn ideas into action. Click here to register.

On November 10th, Edible Planet Ventures will sit down with Danone, Eat Just, Kerry Group, and KSV Food for the Food Biotech Congress to explore how biotech ingredients can help secure our future. Check the agenda and book your ticket here.

On November 12th, Italian speakers can catch up with some of the key disruptors to the Country’s agri-food system by tuning into the 2021 edition of Digital Innovation Days. Guests include Deloitte OI, Five Seasons Ventures, Blu1877, Amadori, Gruppo Camst, and Roma Startup.

On December 1st, Newton Media’s “Accelerating Investment For Startups and SMEs” will bring together tech investors and innovators, accelerators, members of government, regulators, and other major stakeholders within the startup ecosystem to collaborate and share strategies on best practices. Join Edible Planet on the panel discussion, “European Entrepreneurs: Paving the Way for Innovation with Today’s Tech Trailblazer” for a lively debate on the future of European food tech entrepreneurship. The discussion will begin at 3:20 PM - 4:00 PM GMT. Read the full program and register here.

New episodes of the FoodTech Junkies podcast are also in the works featuring even more exclusive interviews with the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the food tech universe. And just in case you missed it, check out our latest chat with Detroit Dirt/Culture of Carbon Founder and FAO Food Hero, Pashon Murray.

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