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Fostering Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Smily Academy Partners with Edible Planet Ventures

In a world grappling with climate change and environmental challenges, innovative collaborations are more crucial than ever. Edible Planet Ventures is thrilled to announce our partnership with Smily Academy India, a groundbreaking initiative led by Rituraj Phukan- a stalwart in the field of climate justice and biodiversity. This academy aims to bring transformative change by aligning international youth, cutting-edge technologies, and indigenous wisdom to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges by swiftly translating ideas into viable businesses.

The Indigenous Imperative

Indigenous communities make up just 5% of the world's population but are responsible for protecting a staggering 85% of global biodiversity. Smily Academy India recognizes the invaluable role these communities play and aims to address their specific challenges, through innovative solutions. Their knowledge in traditional agriculture, natural resource management, and biodiversity conservation is a treasure trove that, when melded with modern innovation, can significantly propel forward the global agenda of sustainability and climate resilience. Through such collaborations, we inch closer to a future where technology and tradition harmoniously coalesce to foster a sustainable living paradigm.

The Smily Experience

The inaugural Smily Experience is slated to take place in Assam, India, from March 20 to 26, 2024. The academy will select 40 individuals under the age of 30 based on their values and profiles. These young talents will engage in a week-long immersive learning experience, visiting iconic places where humans and nature coexist in harmony. One such location is the Forest Man Foundation area, dedicated to Jadav Molai Payeng, who single-handedly planted a forest the size of 13 soccer fields over 40 years.

In addition, Smily Academy India is aligned with the latest G20 results and will be part of the upcoming COP28 in Dubai.

The Impact

Smily Academy India is not just another educational program; it is an impact accelerator. It aims to transform challenge-based projects into viable businesses, thereby contributing to sustainable development while creating new job opportunities for the youth. The academy has an ambitious goal of training 3 million people in two years, with each participant creating project works that could potentially transform into businesses.

The Genesis of a Remarkable Alliance

This partnership emanated from a serendipitous introduction by Claudia Laricchia, leading to Rituraj Phukan's attendance at the Edible Planet Summit in 2022. This event marked the beginning of a collaboration that extends beyond mere business objectives; it's about creating a conduit between Eastern and Western food and agriculture technologies.

Breaking Down Silos

Our endeavor is not about profit; it's about purpose-driven innovation. By providing young entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need, we aim to break down silos and accelerate the impact towards a more sustainable and food-secure future. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs capable of driving significant change in the global agrifood landscape.

How Can You Get Involved?

The Smily Academy, along with its partners, is calling upon the global community for support. By spreading the word and rallying behind this unique initiative, individuals can contribute to its success. The upcoming visits to India or the Amazon offer an opportunity to witness firsthand the embodiment of these sustainable ventures. Becoming a partner of this initiative or sharing innovative ideas are open invitations for those passionate about making a tangible difference. Moreover, joining the group on this enlightening journey is a call for those eager to be part of a transformative venture. To join? Here's how.

The Future is Green

This partnership is a stepping stone towards a greener, more sustainable future. By nurturing youth entrepreneurs and fostering innovation in agrifood technology, Smily Academy, Edible Planet Ventures, and their allies are weaving a new narrative of hope and resilience in the face of global environmental challenges.


Edible Planet is honored to support Smily Academy India, as we believe this to be more than just an educational initiative; it is a movement aimed at creating a new cooperative model. By leveraging the wisdom of indigenous communities, the energy of the youth, and the power of technology, the academy is setting a new standard for global sustainability.


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