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GC Ventures invests in UK-based start-up Interface Polymers

GC Ventures, a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical, is investing in the British company Interface Polymers Ltd. This investment opens new horizons for GC Group, enabling more efficient and sustainable plastic recycling.G

Interface Polymer's Polarfin® additives enable compatibilization between polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) with different kinds of plastics such as PET, PA, EVOH and other plastics. This makes it possible to recycle the mixed plastics widely used in food packaging chains across the world, solving one of the biggest problems in the recycling process today.

The unique Polarfin® additive technology developed by Interface Polymers, added to PP and PE at very low rates, makes them more recyclable, easier to work with and enables strong surface adhesion to plastics, paints and general adhesives.

"Today, sustainability is key to business operations. We are committed to using innovative solutions to make our products environmentally friendly. Plastic is a crucial component in various daily life equipment. Applying the circular economy principle to the closed-loop plastic waste management, recycling, and upcycling is necessary. This includes studying new innovations and accessing up-to-date technologies to help improve the use of plastic to better meet people's needs." says Kamel Ramdani, Senior Vice President, Product Innovation and Innovation Management of GC.

Ross Baglin, CEO of Interface Polymers, said: "We are delighted to have GCV/allnex as investors and development partners respectively, and we look forward to making polymers the best environmental solution for so many human needs. We all know that we cannot go on consuming earth's resources and consigning the results to history. We need a materials revolution as well as an energy revolution: making things reparable, recyclable, perhaps even everlasting. Polymers are a unique material made from the earth's bounty and extraordinary human ingenuity. They are too good to waste. Polarfin® can help make polymers work for us, generation after generation".

In addition to the investment by GCV, the GC subsidiary company allnex has agreed to an extensive development partnership with Interface Polymers with the aim of using its technology to develop innovative resins to enable recyclable solutions for the packaging industry. "IPL technology and vision are opening a new future for plastics and packaging in a world where circularity has become central to all innovation efforts." says Benoit De Becker, Senior VP Strategic Innovation & Sustainability of allnex.


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