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goodcarbon Secures Funding to Advance Net Zero Goals through Nature-Based Solutions

Courtesy: Robert Lukeman via Unsplash
Courtesy: Robert Lukeman via Unsplash

Berlin-based startup goodcarbon has successfully raised €5.25 million in funding. This investment round was led by Ocean 14 Capital with contributions from Silverstrand Capital, high-profile angel investors, and existing backers including Planet A Ventures, 468 Capital, and Greenfield Capital. Their aim is to empower companies to achieve their long-term net zero and nature commitments through innovative nature-based solutions.

Jérôme Cochet, Founder and CEO, goodcarbon: ''The funding round marks a pivotal moment for goodcarbon and our mission to provide companies with access to high-quality Nature-based Solutions assets, empowering them to realize their emissions reduction strategies while protecting our planet. While it’s estimated that 10 billion tons of carbon reductions can come from nature by 2030, we need to close the finance gap for high quality assets. Many companies hesitate to close long-term partnerships with projects due to a lack of availability and transparency regarding the projects’ true quality. With the Ocean 14 Capital fund and Silverstrand Capital on board, we are strengthening our global network and expertise in Nature-based Solutions and have experienced new partners on our side to expand our goodcarbon Originals projects.''

Founded in 2021 by Jérôme Cochet and David Diallo, goodcarbon has quickly established itself in the market as a platform that facilitates the creation and management of reliable, long-term carbon credit portfolios derived from nature-based projects. The company’s model is built on close collaboration with impact-driven projects and the development of exclusive goodcarbon original initiatives.

The mission of goodcarbon is deeply interwoven with three critical global challenges: combating global warming to meet net zero targets, halting the loss of biodiversity, and addressing global inequality. By integrating solutions to these interconnected issues, goodcarbon aspires to play a crucial role in the carbon offset strategies of businesses not only in Germany but internationally.

The fresh infusion of €5.25 million will be strategically utilized to enhance the company's expertise in natural ecosystem analysis, expand its team, and bring additional high-quality climate protection projects to market. This investment signifies a pivotal moment for goodcarbon, spotlighting their commitment to providing top-tier nature-based solutions.

goodcarbon team
Courtesy goodcarbon

Ocean 14 Capital, a prominent player in this funding round, is aligned with goodcarbon’s dedication to scientific excellence and market suitability. George Duffield of Ocean 14 Capital expressed enthusiasm about supporting goodcarbon's forward-thinking approach, which is already endorsed by major corporations like Deutsche Telekom, Bertelsmann, and Melitta. These partnerships underscore goodcarbon’s capacity to lead and innovate in the realm of environmental sustainability.

George Duffield, Founding Partner and Chair of Impact, Ocean 14 Capital: ''We are thrilled to be part of goodcarbon’s journey, supporting their mission to provide companies with access to Nature-based Solutions. We are particularly impressed with their science-based quality approach as well as the product-market fit. The fact that they already collaborate with leading corporations such as Deutsche Telekom, Bertelsmann and Melitta definitely proves their potential to lead in this space and make a change. We look forward to supporting goodcarbon in enabling more companies to confidently fulfill their net-zero and nature-positive pledges.''

Nature-based solutions (NbS) refer to projects aimed at the protection, sustainable management, and restoration of natural and modified ecosystems. These initiatives address environmental, social, and economic challenges concurrently, benefiting both nature and communities. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), NbS are essential for combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and reducing social inequalities.

Supporting early-stage NbS projects is crucial as they initiate scalable, high-integrity efforts that can drive significant ecological and economic benefits. The scalability and integrity of these projects ensure that they can adapt and expand to meet increasing environmental demands.

The recent funding round is more than just a financial boost for goodcarbon—it's a testament to the growing recognition and importance of integrated, high-quality nature-based solutions in achieving sustainable development goals. With a robust financial foundation and strong partnerships, goodcarbon is well-positioned to lead the charge in helping companies fulfill their net zero and nature-based commitments effectively.

By focusing on transparency, quality, and collaboration, goodcarbon is not only paving the way for enhanced corporate responsibility but is also contributing to a sustainable future for all.


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