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Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé Join Forces for Carbon Removals and Regenerative Land Management

Grassroots Carbon, a pioneering leader in carbon removals in U.S. grasslands, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness. This collaboration represents a significant step towards supporting regenerative land management practices and removing carbon from Nestlé's U.S. supply chain, with a primary focus on enhancing soil health and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Both Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé understand the critical role that agriculture, especially livestock production, plays in our ecosystem and its subsequent impact on climate change. Grassroots Carbon is dedicated to working with ranchers, helping them measure and certify carbon storage while monitoring and measuring carbon levels in their soil. Now, with the partnership in place, additional carbon sequestration will be measured and certified over a 15-year period. Nestlé's investment will play a pivotal role in offsetting the expenses ranchers incur when implementing regenerative land practices, thereby encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices across the industry.

Regenerative land management practices, such as rotational grazing, cover cropping, and holistic range management, have proven to be powerful tools in restoring soil and food system health, enhancing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By integrating these practices into the beef supply chain, Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé aim to make a significant positive impact on the environment while simultaneously supporting the livelihoods of local land stewards.

The partnership also underscores Nestlé's ongoing commitment to working with suppliers and stakeholders to decarbonize and drive positive change across its entire value chain. By actively investing in carbon removals and supporting regenerative land management practices, Nestlé is taking meaningful steps towards reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Henk Mooiweer, Co-Founder of Grassroots Carbon, emphasized the significance of such partnerships in the sustainability movement, stating, "Building a sustainable future takes everyone. Partnerships with leaders in the sustainability movement like Nestlé are crucial to our shared mission of combating climate change. Through the investment into carbon removals, we can help ranchers across the U.S. restore grasslands."

Grassroots Carbon is a public benefit company with a clear mission to promote sustainable grazing and regenerative land management practices that improve soil and ecosystem health. By placing a strong emphasis on carbon sequestration, they work hand in hand with ranchers to measure and certify carbon storage, forming critical connections with corporate partners to drive positive environmental change.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé represents a significant milestone in the battle against climate change and demonstrates the positive impact that businesses can achieve when they prioritize sustainability. By investing in carbon removals and regenerative land management practices, these two leaders in their respective fields are setting a powerful example for others to follow. Together, they are not only helping to restore grasslands and sequester carbon but also paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.


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