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Grocery Shopping and Recipe App Jow Secures $20M Funding to Enter the US Market

Jow's co-founders Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, Antoine Maillard, and Frank Maurin
Jow's co-founders Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, Antoine Maillard, and Frank Maurin

In its aim to reshape food consumption habits, Jow, France's e-recipe and grocery shopping app, has secured $20M in its Series A funding round. Spearheaded by EURAZEO and buoyed by support from existing backers like Headline (formerly eVentures), Partners of DST Global, and Stride.VC, this influx of capital marks a pivotal moment for Jow. The company, which debuted in 2018, is now set to embark on an ambitious journey across the Atlantic, aiming to recalibrate US food habits with its innovative shopping solution.

Jow's Recipe for Success

Jow's ascent to prominence in France's tech and food landscape is a testament to its approach to grocery shopping. By integrating meal planning and shopping into a seamless one-minute process, Jow has innovated how families approach their food routines. This efficiency is matched by a deep commitment to sustainability, with the app's algorithms designed to minimize waste by optimizing ingredient usage across recipes.

The app's partnership with France's top six grocery brands, including giants like Carrefour and Monoprix, grants users unparalleled access to over 4,000 stores nationwide. This expansive network facilitates a choice between curbside pick-up and home delivery, catering to the diverse preferences of French consumers.

Beyond Convenience: A Vision for Healthier, Sustainable Eating

Jow's mission extends far beyond simplifying the shopping experience. It envisions a world where families can easily access healthy, affordable, and sustainable meal options. By prioritizing recipes that incorporate 25% more fresh ingredients and generate 15% less waste, Jow promotes a food culture that is as nutritious as eco-conscious. The app's remarkable ability to prepare over 20 million meals underscores its effectiveness in improving food consumption patterns.

A Unique Blend of Content and Commerce

What sets Jow apart is its innovative fusion of content and commerce. In a digital ecosystem where the lines between shopping and content platforms are increasingly blurred, Jow stands out as a pioneer of integrated shopping experiences. This strategy enhances user engagement and positions Jow at the forefront of the evolving e-commerce landscape.

The First Mile Focus

Unlike traditional and emerging players concentrating on the last mile of delivery, Jow has chosen to innovate at the first mile—the shopping experience itself. By transforming the often tedious process of online grocery shopping into an intuitive and enjoyable journey, Jow has significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. This customer-first approach is a cornerstone of Jow's strategy, distinguishing it in a crowded market.

Expanding Horizons: Jow Sets Sights on the US Market

With the Series A funding, Jow is poised to tackle the US market, aiming to replicate its success by addressing American food habits' unique challenges and opportunities. The company's expansion strategy is grounded in its proven track record of growth and innovation, buoyed by the exponential growth witnessed in 2020.

The Road Ahead

As Jow prepares to navigate the complexities of the US food sector, its journey will undoubtedly be closely watched by industry observers and consumers alike. With a solid foundation and a clear vision, Jow is not just entering a new market; it's aiming to transform it. By marrying technology with a deep understanding of consumer needs, Jow aims to redefine grocery shopping globally, making it easier, healthier, and more sustainable for families overall.

For Jow, its $20M Series A funding is not merely a financial milestone; it's a launchpad for a global movement towards better eating habits, less waste, and a more joyful culinary experience. As Jow embarks on this exciting new chapter, it carries with it the potential to reshape not just how we shop for food, but how we think about our meals and their impact on us.


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