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GroGuru Secures $2.3 Million in Series Seed A Funding for Innovative Water Management Solutions

GroGuru, a pioneer in strategic water management solutions for commercial farmers, has successfully concluded its Series Seed A financing round with a substantial $2.3 million in funding. The funding round was co-led by Cove Fund and Impact Venture Capital, two prominent venture capital firms that have a history of supporting promising ventures in Southern California. The involvement of these firms is set to bolster GroGuru's future financing endeavors, thanks to their strong relationships with Corporate Venture investors.

The secured funding will play a crucial role in driving the expansion of GroGuru's sales efforts, advancing the development and commercialization of its cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions designed for continuous farm monitoring and management. Additionally, the funding will facilitate the expansion of strategic partnerships that will further enhance GroGuru's market presence. The Series Seed A round attracted investment from various quarters, including Integral Capital Partners, Comeback Capital, Right Side Capital Management, and even three of GroGuru's market channel partners: VIGR Crop, NutraDrip, and Thunderhead Crop.

A staggering 70 percent of the global freshwater supply is directed towards agricultural irrigation, a statistic that underlines the pressing need for efficient water management solutions in the farming sector. With the world's food production projected to rise by 50 percent by 2050 to accommodate population growth, GroGuru's innovative solutions offer a pathway for farmers to optimize crop yields while utilizing water, energy, fertilizer, and labor resources in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

Paul Voois, Cove Fund's fund manager, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We believe that GroGuru’s proven platform, including the industry’s only wireless soil monitoring technology and deep analytics, will change the way farmers manage their water usage, decreasing their costs, improving their yields, and saving water for the environment."

Ben Strom, a venture partner at Impact Venture Capital, highlighted the uniqueness of GroGuru's offerings, noting, "GroGuru has developed a unique and highly scalable solution to help farmers drive higher crop yields and conserve water, in a world that needs more focus than ever on food security and water conservation."

The progress of GroGuru's solutions is evident through over four years of commercial deployment of its Wireless Underground System (WUGS), establishing it as the sole proven in-ground permanent sensor option for year-round automated water management. This accomplishment underscores GroGuru's commitment to aiding farmers in achieving higher crop yields and optimizing water usage, factors that hold critical importance in a world grappling with food security and water conservation.

Patrick Henry, GroGuru’s president and CEO, emphasized the company's growth from the realm of innovators to mainstream adoption. He stated, "This round of financing provides much-needed capital to continue to drive market expansion of our solutions."

The specific financial details of this agreement have not been disclosed. This funding infusion is poised to propel GroGuru forward in its mission to transform agricultural water management and contribute to a more sustainable future for farmers and the environment alike.


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