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Guardian Agriculture Secures $20 Million in Series A Funding to Expand Commercial Operations

Guardian Agriculture, the developer of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems for large-scale sustainable farming, announced the successful completion of a $20 million Series A funding round. Led by Fall Line Capital, the funding will fuel the expansion of commercial operations across farms nationwide and accelerate the production of its SC1 aircraft on a large scale. Guardian Agriculture is the first and only eVTOL company to receive FAA approval for commercial operation throughout the United States.

Adam Bercu, Founder and CEO of Guardian Agriculture, expressed confidence in the practical application of electric, fully-autonomous aircraft in the realm of commercial farming. He stated, "Customers, investors, and regulators recognize that there's no better application of electric, fully-autonomous aircraft than in commercial farming. We have taken a practical approach to building and deploying our technology that puts us well ahead of other eVTOL developers." With the distinction of being the only eVTOL manufacturer with FAA approval for commercial operations, this funding will enable Guardian Agriculture to rapidly expand its commercial presence, servicing real farms with paying customers. It will also facilitate team strengthening and the scaling of aircraft production.

The Guardian SC1 platform, which has already secured over $100 million in customer orders, stands out as the sole autonomous, electric, aerial crop protection system specifically designed for large-scale agriculture. Unlike existing unmanned autonomous systems, Guardian Agriculture proudly manufactures its system entirely within the United States, fostering domestic competitiveness, generating employment opportunities, and ensuring national security. The company will commence commercial operations this summer in support of its customer, Wilbur-Ellis, in California.

Clay Mitchell, Managing Director at Fall Line Capital, emphasized the reliability and performance advantages of Guardian's unmanned aerial application technology. He noted, "Guardian is the first company to develop unmanned aerial application technology that's made with aviation-grade engineering and manufacturing, which greatly enhances reliability and performance. Even beyond the cost savings and elimination of soil and crop damage, the first thing farmers will notice about Guardian's product is that it works."

Founded in 2017, Guardian Agriculture boasts a team of exceptional engineering, autonomy, and manufacturing leaders. Many team members have held executive-level positions at renowned companies such as Apple, BAE, Sikorsky, Adobe, Tesla, and Uber. With offices in Massachusetts and California, Guardian Agriculture is well-equipped to continue its mission of revolutionizing sustainable farming practices through the advancement of electric VTOL technology. The successful Series A funding round positions the company for substantial growth and further cements its leadership in the agricultural aviation industry.


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