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HELM AG and CropX Technologies Partner to Advance Data-Driven Sustainable Farming

CropX Technologies and HELM AG have announced a significant development in their strategic collaboration aimed at enabling data-driven sustainable farming. HELM AG's SKYFLD application users will now have the ability to access data and agronomic insights from the CropX agronomic farm management system, courtesy of a seamless API integration. The initiative will give farmers the power to make informed decisions and improve precision farming practices.

HELM AG is a leading global crop protection firm with over 120 years of industry experience and sales offices and participation in over 30 countries. On the other hand, CropX, one of the fastest-growing agtech startups, is renowned for providing advanced, user-friendly digital agronomic solutions to farms worldwide. The two companies share a common vision of devising powerful yet straightforward solutions to facilitate farmers' adoption of digital innovations.

The SKYFLD app aids farmers in managing their fields sustainably by providing precise planning, recording, and scouting for fertilizers and crop protection. Farmers can create digital fertilization and seeding plans based on satellite biomass maps using SKYFLD, ensuring they maximize the output of every field.

With the enhanced integration, SKYFLD users can now access a wealth of vital information collected by the CropX agronomic farm system from various sources within and around the farm. The data includes predictive information from CropX soil sensors related to soil moisture, disease pressure, salinity, and leaching - all consolidated in one comprehensive platform.

The collaboration enables HELM AG to customize the SKYFLD digital experience to meet their customers' needs without having to start from scratch. Through the integration of SKYFLD with CropX, users can rest assured that their agronomic decisions are based on accurate and reliable data, complemented by agronomic expertise. This, in turn, helps them optimize irrigation practices, enhance crop yields, and improve resource efficiency.

Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Helm AG, stating, "At CropX, we are enhancing our external API functionality to meet rising demand from agribusiness enterprise clients."

HELM AG's Director of Digital Agriculture, Stephan Poppe-Kirchmann, also reflected on the partnership's significance: "By leveraging CropX's expertise, we are providing our customers with a powerful platform that combines Helm AG's deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge agronomic insights. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to support farmers in making data-driven decisions for their operations."

The new initiative underscores the continuous evolution in the agtech space, reflecting a growing synergy between technological innovation and agriculture to enhance sustainability and productivity.


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