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Incentivio Raises $10M to Help Restaurants Use AI to Drive Revenue and Guest Engagement

Incentivio, the all-in-one intelligent guest engagement platform for restaurants, has closed $10M in Series A Funding. Osage Venture Partners led the round with participation from Ardent Venture Partners and Grotech Ventures.

"The pandemic accelerated restaurants' need to evolve with the times and adopt more of a digital presence. Now most restaurants are looking to take their digital guest experience to the next level while simplifying their tech stack" says Rajat Bhakhri, CEO and Co-Founder at Incentivio. "Most small to medium-sized restaurant groups simply do not have the resources to compete with the largest enterprise brands who have multi-million dollar budgets and large IT teams. That's where we come in!"

Incentivio plans to invest in go-to-market initiatives to accelerate its growth and to invest in product, engineering, and innovation. "We are truly about the art of flavor meeting the science of data," says Sash Dias, Co-Founder, and COO. "The largest enterprise brands have an unfair advantage in leveraging data to drive business results. We want to level the playing field so that all brands can thrive in this digital-first economy."

Today, Incentivio helps restaurants consolidate their digital tech stack, gain a 360-degree picture of their guests, and leverage their guest data to gain real-time insights and enhance the digital guest experience. The next phase of Incentivio's growth is to continue to innovate using AI & Machine Learning to help restaurants reduce manual intervention, cut costs, and increase revenue based on their own data.

"Osage Venture Partners is honored to partner with Incentivio to build the next-generation platform for digital customer engagement for all restaurants," commented Sean Dowling, Managing Partner at Osage Venture Partners. "The company's integrated, AI-driven solution that extracts intelligence from a restaurant's data and drives automated action to elevate the guest journey can create a category leader in an increasingly critical part of the restaurant tech stack, and we are excited to support the exceptional team in realizing that vision."


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