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Novella Unveils Whole-Cell Cultivated Berry Phytonutrients with Groundbreaking Technology

Nutri-tech startup Novella has announced the launch of a new line of berry-derived bioactives cultivated in a state-of-the-art pilot facility. Utilizing innovative precision-controlled-environment technology, the company aims to revolutionize the nutraceuticals industry by providing a sustainable and efficient method for producing high-demand berry compounds. The Israeli-based startup will showcase its breakthroughs at the SupplySide West event later this month.

Opening New Frontiers in Nutraceuticals

Novella has recently opened a pilot facility in Modiin, Israel, which serves as both its operational headquarters and a lab for accelerating the development of whole-cell berry compounds. These compounds are grown outside the plant in a meticulously controlled environment, a process spearheaded by the company’s new CTO, Prof. Moshe Flaishman, Ph.D.

This advanced technology aims to resolve supply bottlenecks for berry ingredients, which are in high demand in the global supplements industry. The facility is capable of cultivating intact cells from five distinct berry varieties, each designed to meet specific supplement market needs.

Advancing Beyond Traditional Benefits

Berries have long been celebrated for their antioxidant capacity and general wellness properties. Recent advances in research now indicate specific health conditions that certain phytochemicals can positively impact. Novella's proprietary method introduces a reliable supply channel for these high-value compounds, which are currently in peak demand.

A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Agriculture

Co-founder and CBDO Itay Dana explains, "Traditional berry cultivation for supplements requires about 2,000 acres to yield just one ton of polyphenolic compounds. Our technology condenses this into a 10K liter bioreactor, eliminating waste and significantly reducing land, energy, and water usage."

Novella's technology is not only eco-friendly but also resilient against climate variations and geopolitical issues, enabling the production of high-quality ingredients at affordable prices.

Revolutionary Whole-Cell Approach

Novella’s cultivation technology takes a novel whole-cell approach and bypasses conventional extraction processes. The closed, controlled system nurtures the cells to a level where they naturally propagate. These cells are then transformed into a potent, highly bioaccessible powder form that the gastrointestinal system can readily absorb.

"Our process maintains the berry’s natural complex of phytonutrients, including essential vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. Moreover, the cell wall serves as a natural encapsulation, maximizing absorption while protecting the active ingredients from oxidation," adds Flaishman.

Novella’s breakthrough technology offers a sustainable, efficient, and potentially transformative method for producing high-value nutraceutical ingredients. By embracing a holistic, whole-cell approach to cultivation, the company promises the delivery of standardized, wholesome, and pesticide-free bioactives.


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