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PepsiCo's Positive Agriculture Outcomes Accelerator: Empowering Global Farming Communities

PepsiCo has announced the third installment of its Positive Agriculture Outcomes (PAO) Accelerator, marking another year of commitment to innovative agricultural practices. This initiative is part of the company's broader pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) agenda, focusing on addressing critical challenges in agriculture while advancing sustainable practices. Furthermore, the PAO Accelerator will now catalyze more than $30 million in investments to support nearly 40 agricultural projects through 2028.

Expanding Global Reach

The PAO Accelerator is set to back eight new projects across nine countries, including Australia, Colombia, Egypt, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom. This expansion reflects PepsiCo's dedication to fostering agricultural resilience and sustainability on a global scale.

Focused Innovations

The 2023 projects under the PAO Accelerator are diverse, targeting key areas such as climate analysis, soil health improvement, and enhancing climate resilience on farms. Notable initiatives include collaborating with Australian grain growers to test soil health management practices aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting Colombian potato farmers with sprinkler irrigation systems to enhance crop quality and reduce water usage.

Collaborative Efforts

Margaret Henry, Vice President of Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture at PepsiCo, emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts in driving systemic change. The PAO Accelerator serves as a platform for farming communities to propose innovative ideas and receive the necessary funding to bring these ideas to fruition.

Partnering with 3Keel

In a significant move, PepsiCo is collaborating with 3Keel, a UK-based landscape innovation firm. This partnership aims to connect European organizations with local farmland managers to implement regenerative solutions, thereby creating sustainable and measurable outcomes.

Tom Curtis, Director of 3Keel Group Ltd., highlights the critical role of such investments in addressing the climate crisis and ensuring long-term success for farmers globally.

Impact Since Inception

Since its launch in 2021, the PAO Accelerator has supported a variety of projects, including the adoption of efficient irrigation systems, the development of kilns for converting agricultural waste into fertilizer, and improving soil health. These initiatives demonstrate PepsiCo's commitment to innovative and climate-smart solutions in agriculture.

Testimonials from Beneficiaries

Chris Seymour of Seymour Farms in Canada, a 2022 PAO Accelerator funding recipient, shares his experience with the program. He notes that the support from PepsiCo's initiative has led to improved soil health and profitability, even under increasingly unpredictable weather conditions.

PepsiCo's Broader Goals

The PAO Accelerator is a crucial component of PepsiCo's pep+ transformation. The company aims to spread regenerative farming practices across 7 million acres by 2030, improve the livelihoods of over 250,000 people in its agricultural supply chain, and sustainably source 100% of its key ingredients.

PepsiCo's ongoing investment in agricultural innovation and its commitment to robust collaboration with farming partners are pivotal in achieving these ambitious goals. The PAO Accelerator continues to play a vital role in this journey, supporting scalable outcomes and fostering a more sustainable future in agriculture.


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