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PickNik Robotics Secures $2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

PickNik Robotics, a trailblazer in unstructured robotics software, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to make robot arms a part of our daily lives beyond factory settings. The company recently raised $2 million in a pre-seed investment round, led by Stellar Ventures and Cypress Growth Capital, positioning itself as a dominant force in reshaping the robotics industry through its innovative software platforms.

Fueling the Future of Robotics

This substantial investment complements PickNik's existing $5 million in non-dilutive SBIR funding contracts with NASA JSC, NASA Ames, and the Space Force. The newfound capital will be channeled into further developing their cutting-edge robotics platform, MoveIt Studio, designed to empower developers and engineers to create advanced applications using robot arms.

MoveIt Studio: Pioneering a New Robotics Frontier

What sets MoveIt Studio apart is its focus on a rapidly expanding robotics market segment: robots outside the conventional manufacturing domain. Already adopted by numerous companies, MoveIt Studio is driving advanced applications, from autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) using robot arms for bin picking to explosive ordnance disposal for SWAT teams. It even plays a vital role in next-gen space applications, such as autonomous cargo unloading from space station re-supply capsules.

Dave Coleman, CEO of PickNik, commented on this milestone, saying, "This investment marks a pivotal moment in our journey from a bootstrapped company that could only innovate incrementally. We're now committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with robot arms faster. With Stellar Ventures and Cypress Growth Capital by our side, we have the resources and support to fully commercialize our powerful platform that enables developers everywhere to build advanced robot arm applications with less risk."

A Commitment to Open Source and Innovation

PickNik's vision revolves around making advanced robotics accessible through open source and open core software. Their flagship software, MoveIt Studio, builds upon the popular open source MoveIt software, which remains a top global motion planning and manipulation framework. This approach empowers customers to significantly reduce R&D costs and collaborate within established standards.

Recognized by Industry Giants

PickNik's commitment to solving complex robotics challenges outside of factories has garnered recognition from industry giants like Google, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Hyundai, NASA, Sierra Space, Blue Origin, and more. Matt Patterson at Stellar Ventures highlighted PickNik's innovative solutions, stating, "The robotics industry is rapidly evolving, and PickNik is at the forefront of innovation. We see immense potential in their ability to develop advanced solutions that bridge the gap between terrestrial and space robotics."

Charting the Future of Robotics

With a track record of excellence in dexterous manipulator control, PickNik is positioned as a leader in the $230 billion robotics market. This pre-seed investment propels PickNik toward revolutionizing the unstructured robotics software space with MoveIt Studio and solidifies its position as an industry leader, primed for a future filled with exciting possibilities.


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