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PeakBridge Growth Fund II Closes at $187 Million, Exceeding Targets Amid Global Challenges

Co founders Nadav Berger and Erich Sieber
Courtesy PeakBridge - Co founders Nadav Berger and Erich Sieber

PeakBridge, a key player in the global food innovation investment scene and part of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity partnership, has recently announced the closure of its Growth Fund II at $187 million. This significant development brings the firm’s total assets under management (AuM) to over $250 million. This milestone occurs against the backdrop of a challenging global landscape, marked by geopolitical tensions, inflation, and pressing environmental concerns.

PeakBridge has carved out a significant niche in the industry by acting as a bridge between groundbreaking technologies and practical applications that address real-world challenges. The company has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of the global food system transformation by focusing on early-growth companies. These ventures are distinguished by their development of scalable and proprietary technologies designed to make a tangible impact on several critical fronts: climate change, public health, and the sensory quality of food.

“The success of this fundraising in today’s environment, highlights the relevance of PeakBridge’s strategy of leveraging technology and know-how, to create a sustainable impact on the social and environmental challenges of the agriculture and food industry, to which our Group is firmly committed.”  Francois-Xavier Vucekovic, CIO of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity

Strategic Impact Areas

PeakBridge invests in technologies that contribute to environmental sustainability in the food sector. This includes innovations that reduce the carbon footprint of food production, enhance resource efficiency, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. By supporting technologies that mitigate the impact of farming and food production on the environment, PeakBridge not only addresses the urgent need for climate action but also ensures the long-term viability of the food industry.

The health aspect of PeakBridge’s investment strategy focuses on companies innovating at the intersection of nutrition and wellness. This includes the development of foods that support a healthy lifestyle, address nutritional deficiencies, and prevent chronic diseases. These technologies often involve enhancing the nutritional profile of food products without compromising taste or affordability, making healthier choices more accessible to a broader population.

In addition to health and environmental impacts, PeakBridge places a strong emphasis on the sensory aspects of food—its taste and quality. Investing in technologies that enhance flavor and texture is crucial for consumer acceptance and market success. PeakBridge supports innovations that can create appealing, high-quality food products that meet consumer expectations in a market that increasingly values both health and flavor.

PeakBridge’s approach involves not just financial investment but active engagement with its portfolio companies to ensure that these technologies are successfully brought to market and scaled effectively. This includes leveraging its network within the food and agriculture industries to provide strategic partnerships and market access, which are often critical for the success of new technologies.

The Bigger Picture

By focusing on these strategic areas, PeakBridge significantly contributes to reshaping the global food system into one that is more sustainable, healthy, and capable of meeting the diverse needs of a growing global population. The firm's commitment to these principles is reflected in its selective investment process, targeting companies that not only promise high returns but also demonstrate potential for high impact in making the food system more resilient and responsive to global challenges.


Details of the Fund Closure

The closure of PeakBridge Growth Fund II at $187 million not only surpassed its initial target size announced two years prior but also reinforced the investors' confidence in PeakBridge's strategic approach. The fund attracted contributions from leading global food and beverage companies such as Grupo Bimbo, Royal Cosun, and Arancia, as well as financial institutions including Builder’s Initiative.

Erich Sieber, Founding General Partner at PeakBridge, emphasized the significance of the support from industry leaders and investors, viewing it as a strong endorsement of the fund's strategic focus and its potential to drive substantial changes in the food industry. Francois-Xavier Vucekovic, CIO of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity, highlighted the relevance of PeakBridge’s strategy in today’s complex market environment, noting its potential to address significant social and environmental challenges.

“We are incredibly proud to have global food industry leaders and conviction-driven families as well as financial investors join us in this fund. It is not just a vote of confidence in the success of our focused strategy, but crucially important to creating real value for our portfolio and changing the food system from the inside out.” Erich Sieber, PeakBridge Founding General Partner

Impact on the Food Industry

The food industry, valued at approximately $10 trillion globally, faces unprecedented pressures from geopolitical conflicts, inflation, and climate change. These factors threaten food security worldwide and compel industry giants to rethink operational strategies. Notable market responses include the escalating prices of key commodities such as cocoa and sugar and the increased consumer demand for nutritious food options.

PeakBridge's portfolio under Growth Fund II showcases some of the most promising innovations in the Agri-FoodTech sector. These include Vow, a cultured meat company making strides in Singapore; Win-Win, which offers cocoa-free chocolate alternatives amid cocoa production crises; and Kern Tec, which focuses on creating dairy alternatives and protein powders from upcycled fruit pits. InsideTracker, another portfolio company, leverages blood, DNA, and physiological biomarkers to promote healthier lifestyles.

“Within such a complex global environment, the closing of this second early growth fund is further proof that our disciplined strategy is proving resilient and bearing fruit,” says PeakBridge Founding General Partner Nadav Berger. “For us, value creation is at the core of what we do. Our team brings to the table a rare mix of experience: FoodTech investment pioneers, veteran Agri-Food industry operators, scientists, and financiers. Together with strong industry partnerships, we’re positioned to confront those realworld problems.”

The State of AgriFoodTech Investment in 2023

In 2023, the AgriFood innovation sector has grown considerably maintaining momentum despite general economic instability. This sector's resilience is largely driven by sustained investor interest in startups offering sustainable solutions to global food challenges, underpinned by a growing awareness of the critical role food systems play in addressing climate change and health issues.

Despite the robust interest, the investment levels in AgriFoodTech have shown signs of moderation. After reaching a peak of $53 billion in 2021, investments declined to $31 billion in 2022, with $15.6 billion raised in 2023. This trajectory suggests a cautious recovery phase within the industry, aligning with venture capital trends that indicate we are still navigating through the latter stages of an economic downturn.

Since 2014, the sector has raised a cumulative total of approximately $204.7 billion globally. This significant investment reflects the growing recognition of the sector's potential to address some of the most pressing global challenges by transforming food production and consumption patterns.

While the industry has made remarkable strides, the reduced investment levels from the highs of 2021 indicate that there are still challenges to overcome. These include economic uncertainties and the need to prove the scalability and profitability of emerging technologies. However, the ongoing focus on innovations that enhance food security, climate and sustainability suggests that AgriFood innovation remains vital for future growth and impact.

As the sector navigates through these recovery phases, it will be crucial for stakeholders to continue supporting innovations that not only promise high returns but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient global food system.

Future Outlook

With the successful closing of its second early growth fund, PeakBridge is well-positioned to further its mission of transforming the global food system. The ongoing support from its investors and strategic partners will enable the firm to continue pursuing high-impact investments that address the most pressing challenges the food system faces today.

PeakBridge’s recent achievement with the Growth Fund II closure not only highlights its resilience in a turbulent market but also underscores its commitment to fostering innovation in the Agri-FoodTech sector. By aligning cutting-edge technology with sustainable food production and consumption practices, PeakBridge plays a pivotal role in shaping a more secure and sustainable future for the global food landscape.


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