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Vow Nabs $49.2M From Peakbridge & Others To Expand Cultured Meat Production

BREAKING NEWS - PeakBridge announces its investment in Vow allowing the company to continue its mission to feed the planet using its innovative cultured meat technology. Vow brings forth the next generation of food products fit for a rising population. This funding marks an industry record for a series A raise in the cultured meat industry.

The company is working on one of the most urgent problems facing this planet: finding a solution to replace animal agriculture with a more sustainable method of food production. As Australia’s first cell-based meat company, Vow’s aim is to make sustainable, abundant, and delicious food for people in every corner of the world. The first Vow-engineered product is landing in market very soon. This was all made possible through tremendous company growth with the construction of the largest cultured meat facility in the southern hemisphere and massive internal expansion with new divisions and product teams.

PeakBridge participated in Vow’s $49.2M Series A round alongside Blackbird, Prosperity7 Ventures, the diversified growth fund of Aramco Ventures, Toyota Ventures, Square Peg, Grok Ventures, Cavallo Ventures, Tenacious Ventures, HostPlus Super LP, NGS Super and Pavilion Capital.

“When Vow was founded, we knew to change the way billions eat we had to do more than recreate what we know,” says Vow CEO and co-founder George Peppou. “By inventing new meats that are tastier, more nutritious and serve functions traditional meats can’t, we can have an enormous impact. We’re thrilled to be toe to toe with the best companies in this space, moving at speed to reach huge milestones with a fraction of the capital of other companies.”

The funding marks an important milestone for Vow as it expands its manufacturing facilities with the construction of Factory 2 and introduces its first product brand, Morsel in Singapore in the coming months. This funding will be used for future product development, manufacturing expansion, and hiring across new divisions as Vow expands operations and works to disrupt the food industry, planting the seeds for future growth across markets worldwide.

“Our food diet is standardized, and neither healthy nor sustainable,” says Nadav Berger, general partner and co-founder of PeakBridge. “Much of our proteins come from limited animal-based sources which are harmful for both biodiversity and our health. Solutions and technologies that explore alternatives to conventional animal-based protein without compromising on taste, texture, nutrition and climate impact are here to stay.”


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