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Pluri Unveils a Breakthrough System to Scale Production of Cell-Based Products

Pluri, a leading biotech company that transforms cells into solutions that promote wellbeing and sustainability, today unveiled a breakthrough in cell manufacturing that potentially solves one of the biggest hurdles facing cell-based industries: cost-effective, industrial scale cell manufacturing. PluriMatrix, built upon Pluri’s platform 3D cell expansion technology, significantly scales high-quality cell production, potentially having a catalytic impact across numerous industries that require mass-scale cell production including pharma, biologics, foodtech, agri-tech, and beyond. The patented technology offers Pluri and its subsidiaries unparalleled advantages in developing and producing cell-based products.

Pluri’s majority-owned subsidiary Ever After Foods, a joint venture with Tnuva Group, Israel’s largest food producer, is using PluriMatrix to produce cultivated meat and expects a 700% increase in productivity over other cultivated meat technology platforms.

PluriMatrix draws on the unique expertise in cell-based manufacturing that Pluri has developed over the last two decades. It enables industrial scale production of cell-based products by using a packed-bed system design in which cells expand as tissue on scaffolds, increasing surface area and providing a uniquely effective growth environment. Cells can either be harvested as single cells or used along with the scaffolds as completed tissue. The system also enables the simultaneous expansion of various cell types within the same platform, giving each cell type its own growth space. PluriMatrix’ state-of-the-art mass scale, highly scalable, modular cell production system enables a smaller infrastructure by reducing the size of the manufacturing facility compared to other existing methods, significantly reducing cost and ecological footprint.

“PluriMatrix is an important breakthrough in cell technology by our assessment, and we believe it has the potential to solve some of humanity’s greatest needs by improving health, increasing access to food and food safety, and creating a wide range of cell-based products, while taking better care of our earth,” stated Pluri CEO and President, Yaky Yanay. “We’ve evolved our original healthcare-focused technology to potentially serve a multitude of other industries where efficient, cost-effective, industrial-scale cell production will be a core competitive advantage. We are very pleased about the potential benefits for humanity as we can transform cells into solutions that promote global wellbeing and sustainability. Moreover, PluriMatrix is transformative for our platform technology and business, as it vastly extends Pluri’s target markets. We believe we have unlocked tremendous value and expect to capitalize on it in conjunction with industry-specific subsidiaries and strategic partners.”


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