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Reducing Food Waste: The Journey of Bene Bono and Its €10M Milestone

Courtesy of Bene Box
Courtesy of Bene Bono

In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of food waste, Paris-based startup Bene Bono emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Known for its pioneering efforts to rescue aesthetically rejected organic produce from the clutches of oblivion, Bene Bono has recently secured a significant financial boost. A €10M funding round, led by AVP (AXA Venture Partners) and 2050, along with the continued support from existing investors Stride.VC and Project A Ventures, marks a pivotal moment in the startup's journey. Co-founders Grégoire Carlier, Claire Laurent, and Sven Ripoche, alongside their dedicated team, are now set to expand their mission. This blog post delves into the significance of this funding, Bene Bono's unique approach to combating food waste, and what the future holds for this ambitious company.

Strategic Funding to Drive Expansion

The recent €10M funding is more than just a financial injection; it's a testament to the faith investors have in Bene Bono's mission and potential. With sights set on growth in the French and Spanish markets, this capital will enable the expansion of the product range and enhance the subscriber experience. A focus on community building and minimizing the environmental impact of packaging and delivery underlines Bene Bono's commitment to sustainability. This strategic move not only solidifies Bene Bono's position in the market but also paves the way for broader impact on waste issues.

Bene Bono's Unique Approach to Food Waste

Founded in 2020, Bene Bono quickly distinguished itself as a frontrunner in addressing the twin challenges of aesthetic rejection and logistical inefficiencies in the food industry. By creating a platform that connects farmers and manufacturers with eco-conscious consumers, Bene Bono has offered a practical solution to a pervasive problem. Serving over 23,000 regular consumers across key regions, the startup has demonstrated that it can combat food waste effectively without sacrificing quality or savings. This innovative approach benefits the environment, supports local agriculture, and reduces unnecessary losses.

Future Outlook: Towards a Sustainable Impact

As Bene Bono gears up for its next phase of expansion, the company's vision for a sustainable impact on waste-related issues in France and Europe becomes ever more achievable. Operating upstream in the value chain, Bene Bono is redefining what it means to be a socially responsible business. With the backing of its investors and a growing community of supporters, the company is well-positioned to lead the charge against food waste. The journey ahead is not without its challenges. Still, with continued innovation and dedication, Bene Bono is on track to make a lasting difference in how we think about and manage food resources.


The success story of Bene Bono is a powerful reminder of the potential for startups to drive significant environmental change. The recent €10M funding round is not just a milestone for the company but a step forward for sustainability and responsible consumption. As Bene Bono continues to expand its reach and impact, it stands as a shining example of how business innovation can align with ecological preservation. In the fight against food waste, Bene Bono is not just participating; it's leading the way.


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