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Revolutionizing Fast Food: Valyant AI Secures Funding to Perfect Drive-Thru Ordering Experience

With the recent completion of a new round of funding, Valyant AI, one of the leading providers of automated drive-thru ordering technology, has raised $17 million in total. As part of this partnership, Valyant will automate ordering and payment at drive-thru locations across the US through Paerpay, a leading payment and guest engagement platform.

In addition to greeting customers at the drive-thru, Valyant AI's automated drive-thru ordering system provides nutrition information, takes orders and integrates directly into a restaurant's point-of-sale system. With each interaction with guests and learning new idioms and menu items, Valyant's AI conversational AI system, "Holly," becomes more intelligent. As a result of these interactions, Holly can complete orders more quickly and accurately.

The additional capital will support the deployment, adjustments, and launch of multiple new restaurant locations and brands, as well as three key initiatives:

  • Implementing tools to improve menu management for existing customers.

  • Continuing to support Valyant's patent infringement lawsuit.

  • Launching a new product offering called "AI Assistant Manager."

Valyant AI's new menu tool suite can simplify managing live restaurant locations. The tools, which leverage machine learning or Artificial Intelligence, as seen in ChatGPT, are great for adapting to limited-time offerings and adjusting greetings, upsell logic, and other customer demands. In addition, it offers restaurant owners the flexibility to configure their drive-thru systems according to their business and location needs.

Valyant AI has received a fresh injection of funds and is partnering with Paerpay, an industry-leading payment automation provider. Through this union, restaurants can automate order taking and payments in their drive-thrus, granting them greater ability to manage their labor scheduling and operations. In addition, this collaboration between Valyant AI and Paerpay means that employees get to spend more time interacting with customers at the window and providing service in the lobby, tending to food preparation tasks, and improving the overall guest experience.


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