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Rockstart's Latest Investments: Pioneering the Future of AgriTech and GreenTech

Rockstart, the Amsterdam-based venture capital firm and startup accelerator, has recently made significant investments in the AgriTech and GreenTech sectors. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Rockstart has added three promising startups—Omegga, Complex Earth, and Organifarms—to its AgriFood portfolio. This blog post explores these latest investments and their implications for the future of agriculture and ecological regeneration.

Omegga: Revolutionizing the Poultry Industry

Omegga, a Munich-based startup, has developed a non-invasive optical solution for in-ovo sexing of chicken embryos. This technology aims to save millions of male chicks from being culled, offering a humane and sustainable alternative to current industry practices.

Why Omegga Matters:

1. Animal Welfare: Omegga's technology offers a humane alternative to the current practices in the poultry industry.

2. Sustainability: By reducing the need for resource-intensive raising of male chickens, the technology contributes to more sustainable agriculture.

3. Legal Compliance: With increasing regulations around animal welfare, omegga's solution provides hatcheries a compliant method for sexing chicken embryos.

Complex Earth: AI-Driven Ecological Regeneration

Complex Earth is a pioneering GreenTech company specializing in AI-based decision support tools for ecological regeneration. Their expertise lies in creating digital twins of plant-based ecosystems and offering nature-based solutions to combat the climate crisis. According to co-founder Paul Chaney, joining Rockstart will "accelerate our growth and enable us to make a meaningful difference in the world."

Why Complex Earth Matters

1. Climate Crisis: Their nature-based solutions aim to reverse the climate crisis.

2. AI-Driven: Utilizes advanced AI tools for high-resolution decision support.

3. Digital Twins: Creates interactive 3D digital twins for complex eco-systems, aiding in ecological projects.

Organifarms: Automating Agriculture

Organifarms is tackling the labor shortage and rising costs in agriculture by developing harvesting robots for greenhouses. Their first product, BERRY, is a strawberry-harvesting robot that automates the harvest, quality control, and packaging of strawberries, enabling 24/7 year-round operation.

Why Organifarms Matters

1. Labor Efficiency: Solves the problem of labor shortage in agriculture.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Automates quality control and packaging, reducing costs.

3. Sustainability: Enables 24/7 year-round operation, contributing to sustainable food security.

Rockstart's AgriFood Fund: A Catalyst for Change

Rockstart's AgriFood fund is committed to driving positive change by investing in startups that offer innovative solutions in the AgriFood sector. With 37 investments in 2022 alone, the fund has become one of the most active AgriFood investors globally.

Rockstart's latest investments in Omegga, Complex Earth, and Organifarms signify a strong commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the AgriTech and GreenTech sectors. These startups not only offer groundbreaking solutions but also align with Rockstart's mission to create a more sustainable and humane world.


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