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Seeding the Future: Europe's €30 Million Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

Regenerative Agriculture Farm
Regenerative Agriculture Farm

In a bold move towards sustainable farming, a coalition of food innovation organizations led by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food has unveiled the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio. With a funding pool of €30 million, this ambitious initiative is set to revolutionize agriculture across Europe, aiming to scale up and accelerate the adoption of regenerative farming practices.

The Genesis of the Initiative

At the heart of the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio is a commitment to a future-fit food system that is resilient, sustainable, and capable of sustainably supporting the continent's food demands. EIT Food, in collaboration with Foodvalley and the backing of the Food Collective, spearheads this initiative, demonstrating a strong belief in the power of partnership and innovation to tackle the pressing challenges facing agriculture today.

A Landscape-Level Approach

Diverging from traditional methods that typically focus on individual farms, the Portfolio adopts a landscape-based strategy. This broader approach seeks to tailor solutions to different European regions' unique ecological, social, and economic contexts. The initiative aims to foster collaboration among stakeholders — including regional governments, investors, and retailers — to create a cohesive and comprehensive strategy for regenerative agriculture by identifying five priority landscapes.

Funding the Future

The initiative's financial model is as innovative as its approach to agriculture. EIT Food has pledged €15 million, a sum that will be matched by contributions from corporate partners, aiming for a total investment of €30 million over the next three years. This funding will support various activities, from launching and supporting landscape initiatives to facilitating ecosystem development and promoting inter-landscape learning.

The Role of Collaboration

A key tenet of the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio is its emphasis on collaboration. Recognizing the interconnectedness of the agrifood value chain, the initiative seeks to bring together various stakeholders, including farmers, off-takers, and consumers, to work towards a common goal. This collaborative approach not only ensures the scalability of regenerative practices but also aims to foster innovation by sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences across sectors.

Impact and Expectations

The Portfolio's vision extends beyond merely transforming farming practices; it seeks to catalyze a shift in the entire food system towards sustainability and resilience. By prioritizing regenerative agriculture, the initiative aims to enhance soil health and biodiversity and ensure food security, mitigate climate change, and support rural economies.

Furthermore, the initiative's focus on generating returns from some of its activities introduces a sustainable financial model, ensuring that the benefits of regenerative agriculture can be reinvested back into the community and the ecosystem.


The launch of the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio marks a significant step forward in Europe's journey towards sustainable agriculture. By leveraging collaboration, innovation, and significant financial investment, the initiative aims to transform the continent's agricultural practices, ensuring a healthy, sustainable, and resilient food system for future generations. As this initiative unfolds, it will undoubtedly serve as a model for regenerative agriculture efforts worldwide, demonstrating the power of collective action in addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

For those interested in the intricacies of this initiative and its broader implications for the future of food and agriculture in Europe, additional insights can be gleaned from the detailed discussions and analyses provided by EIT Food. This groundbreaking initiative paves the way for a sustainable agricultural future and highlights the crucial role of innovation and collaboration in achieving it.


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