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What's next? A New Year's Questionnaire.

The international FoodTech Community is growing and working together increasingly to write a new chapter in the global food system's storybook.

Indeed, 2021 has been one eventful year. We saw tremendous strides being made toward reconciliation with our planet by food industry players, and lots of faith being granted to a new generation of brave entrepreneurs.

We learned that participating in the discourse is essential to accelerate progress. But not as much as moving it forward by setting our priorities straight. That's why we created this one-question questionnaire. To ask the changemakers, the insiders, the observers, and all those that are at the forefront of the upcoming food revolution to share their thoughts on what should come next.


This is a one-question questionnaire. The answers will be sorted by topic and will be featured in our New Year Kickoff editorial piece to provide food for thought for other changemakers and innovators across the globe.


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