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Treetoscope Raises $7 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Precision Irrigation

Israeli startup aims to expand its groundbreaking plant-based sensor technology across North America and beyond.

Treetoscope, a leading startup in precision irrigation management, has successfully closed a $7 million seed funding round, with plans to accelerate its research & development activities and expand its commercial agriculture footprint in North America and globally.

Who's Backing Treetoscope?

The investment round was spearheaded by Champel Capital, a European-Israeli venture capital firm with a focus on impactful technology. The fund was joined by an ensemble of strategic investors such as Leon Recanati's GlenRock Fund, SeedIL, YYM-Ventures, Agrovision, NEOME, GN-Z11, and

A Paradigm Shift in Irrigation Management

Treetoscope, established in 2021, has developed a novel approach to irrigation management. Unlike traditional methods that rely on soil or trunk sensors, Treetoscope’s sensors are embedded directly within the plants and trees. These in-tree/plant sensors offer real-time data on water uptake, which is then synthesized with AI algorithms, satellite imagery, and weather data to provide farmers with highly accurate irrigation guidance.

CEO Dotan Eshet stated, "Our technology is a game-changer in agtech. The funding will not only expedite our R&D but will also enable us to empower farmers to grow more using fewer resources.”

More Than Just Efficiency

Treetoscope's sensors are not only revolutionary but also practical. They are easier and more cost-effective to install than conventional soil sensors, delivering higher-resolution data across various agricultural settings, from fields to vineyards and orchards.

Managing Partner at Champel Capital, Amir Weitman, commented, "Treetoscope is addressing one of the most pressing issues in global agriculture—the increasing scarcity of water. We're excited to collaborate with a company that’s creating genuine global impact."

User-friendly Interface for the Modern Farmer

Farmers can access Treetoscope's data through a convenient irrigation management platform available on both computers and mobile devices. This interface allows for informed decision-making, ensuring crops receive the optimal amount of water for maximal yield while conserving resources.

Partnerships and Future Prospects

Already in commercial collaboration with leading global agribusinesses like The Toro Company and Netafim, Treetoscope has tripled its year-over-year revenue and is on track to meet its sales targets for 2023.

With an eye on further global expansion, Treetoscope recently hired a General Manager in California's Sacramento Area and plans to extend its operations into Mexico by 2024.

In total, Treetoscope has garnered more than $10 million in investments, including grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and the Bird Foundation, an Israel-U.S. government collaboration.

The startup’s recent funding round serves as a stepping stone for its ambitious plans to revolutionize the way the world thinks about irrigation, one sensor at a time.


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