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Tupu: Revolutionizing Mushroom Farming with a $3.2M Seed Round

Berlin-based agtech startup Tupu has successfully secured a $3.2 million seed funding round to disrupt the traditional food production landscape. Co-led by FoodLabs and Zubi Capital, the round also saw participation from Clear Current Capital, FoodHack, IT-Farm, Coast Cap, and industry stalwarts like Roger Hassan and Gil Horsky.

The Funding Objective

The fresh capital injection will be channeled towards scaling Tupu's production capacity to meet the demands of large players in the food service and retail sectors. Additionally, the startup aims to enhance space efficiency and advance its automation technology.

A New Paradigm in Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms offer a unique advantage in food production; they can be grown indoors, year-round, and are less taxing on the environment compared to other food sources. Tupu aims to redefine mushroom cultivation by making it more efficient and sustainable. The startup is responding to a growing consumer demand for organic, sustainable, and local products, fueled by increasing health consciousness and a surge in veganism.

The Team Behind Tupu

Founded in 2021 by Eldad Arnon and Daniel Lock, seasoned professionals from controlled environment farming giants Infarm and Kalera, Tupu's mission is to unlock the untapped potential of the mushroom kingdom.

Decentralized Farming System

Tupu employs a blend of bioscience, robotics, and AI to develop a decentralized farming system that grows fresh and flavorful mushrooms locally in cities. The company's first farm, launched in November last year, already supplies over 3 tonnes of mushrooms a month to a diverse clientele, ranging from local wholesalers to Michelin-starred chefs.

A Sustainable Future

Eldad Arnon, co-founder and CEO of Tupu, envisions a future where food is produced right where it is consumed, making organic farm-fresh food accessible to everyone. Daniel Lock, co-founder and COO, believes that mushrooms offer immense potential across various sectors and that Tupu's technology is set to leapfrog the current state of the industry by 50 years.

Industry Endorsement

Till Hoelzer, Principal at FoodLabs, expressed excitement about Tupu's prospects, stating that controlled environment farming is crucial for making our food supply chain climate resilient. He lauded Tupu for making indoor farming economically viable.


With its recent funding, Tupu is poised to revolutionize the mushroom farming industry. By leveraging advanced technologies and responding to consumer demands for sustainable and local produce, the startup is not just growing mushrooms; it's cultivating a more sustainable future for all.


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