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Wiliot Taps Former FDA Deputy Commissioner to Drive Ambient IoT Innovation for Food Safety

Wiliot, an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) company, has announced a strategic move by appointing Frank Yiannas, the former Deputy Commissioner of Food Policy & Response at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as a Strategic Advisor. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the intersection of ambient IoT technology and food safety practices, particularly in meeting the requirements of the FSMA Rule 204, which mandates the secure tracking of food products and transparent sharing of traceability data with the FDA and consumers.

Yiannas, renowned for his food safety leadership and extensive experience with industry giants like Walmart and the Walt Disney Company, will provide strategic guidance to the food and retail sectors on harnessing the potential of ambient IoT technology. This technology, embedded in Wiliot's IoT platform, delivers real-time, item-level visibility, offering a transformative solution for achieving FSMA Rule 204 compliance.

Tal Tamir, CEO of Wiliot, emphasized that Yiannas' expertise will play a pivotal role in educating the market on how ambient IoT can reshape supply chains. The partnership aims to enhance food safety, reduce waste, and ensure regulatory adherence, while empowering retailers with accurate and real-time insights into product journeys from farm to store.

Wiliot's Ambient IoT Platform, featuring battery-free IoT Pixels, enables products to seamlessly connect to the internet and provide high-definition real-time data, a prerequisite of FSMA Rule 204. This technology leverages commodity Bluetooth radios, enhancing visibility and accuracy compared to traditional methods like barcodes and legacy RFID tags.

FSMA Rule 204, which finalizes in January 2026, mandates comprehensive food traceability, focusing on end-to-end supply chain tracking to enhance responses to foodborne illnesses and contamination.

Yiannas expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing that Wiliot's innovative use of ambient IoT is poised to enhance transparency and traceability within the food industry, paving the way for safer and more accountable supply chains.

Wiliot's strides in incorporating IoT technology into the food industry reflect a promising future, highlighted by their collaboration with prominent food retailers and companies on projects aimed at achieving FSMA Rule 204 compliance. With Yiannas' strategic insights, the company is set to amplify its impact, bridging the gap between technology and food safety requirements on a global scale.


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