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Wilk Is launching a pilot to produce the World's First cell-based fat Yogurt

Wilk, an Israeli company operating at the crossroads of Biotech and FoodTech and developing technologies for producing cultured human breast and animal milk, announced the launch of a new project to develop the first yogurt using cell-cultured milk fat. This first product will serve as proof of the viability of the company’s cell-based technology thus ensuring the retention of the inherent nutritional benefits only found in real milk fats, including the full complement of essential macro and micronutrients.

"It has long been established that milk fat is integral to supporting human health and nutrition, aiding the absorption of key nutrients, such as vitamins D and E and calcium, into the blood while providing a rich source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties," said Tomer Aizen, CEO of Wilk. "These core properties cannot be replicated through alternative technologies, making Wilk the first company in the world to develop a dairy product containing genuine, cell-cultured milk fat. We will continue investing our efforts and resources to develop cell-cultured milk and breast milk components that will help our partners produce healthier products in a more sustainable manner."

The project is expected to last approximately six months, culminating in the incorporation of cell-cultured animal milk fat into the product. Concurrently, Wilk is working to increase the production capacity of cell-cultured fat in its facilities and establish optimal fat separation methods for use in foods.

In tandem with its advances in developing cell-cultured animal milk fats for dairy products, Wilk is working to accelerate the production of cultured human milk components that will be integrated into infant formula to develop products that are optimized for infants' growth and development.


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