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ABC Impact Backs Winnow's AI-Driven Food Waste Revolution

Courtesy of Winnow
Courtesy of Winnow

Food loss and wastage represent a critical global challenge, exacerbating hunger, undermining the sustainability of food systems, and amplifying greenhouse gas emissions. The complexity of measuring and mitigating food waste, especially in commercial kitchens where up to 20% of food purchased can be wasted, demands innovative solutions. Enter Winnow, a pioneering force in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize food waste management in the hospitality sector. With a recent investment from ABC Impact, Winnow is set to expand its transformative technology across Asia, promising a greener, more efficient future for the global food service and hospitality industry.

The Global Food Waste Dilemma

The world grapples with the enormous challenge of food loss and waste, a dilemma with far-reaching economic, environmental, and social implications. Not only does it contribute to global hunger by diverting food that could feed millions, but it also unnecessarily depletes water, land, and energy resources while increasing greenhouse gas emissions. The hospitality industry, a significant player in the global economy, has been identified as a critical front in the battle against food waste, with commercial kitchens often lacking the tools to measure and manage waste effectively.

Winnow: Pioneering AI in Food Waste Reduction

Founded in London, with global offices including Singapore, Chicago, Dubai, and Cluj-Napoca, Winnow stands at the forefront of the fight against food waste. Through its advanced AI tools, Winnow assists large hospitality businesses, such as hotels, contract caterers, and cruise ships, cut food waste by half, making their operations more sustainable and more profitable. Winnow's technology has been deployed in over 2000 sites across over 70 countries, gaining trust and acclaim for its effectiveness.

The core of Winnow's innovation lies in its AI-enabled solutions, capable of recognizing waste as it occurs, whether during food preparation or from customer plates. This automated system not only records 100% of waste but also provides analytics to pinpoint where and why waste happens. As a result, users can adjust practices, improve efficiency, and achieve remarkable reductions in waste—on average, a 50% decrease, alongside a cost reduction of 2-8%.

ABC Impact's Strategic Investment

ABC Impact, a significant player in impact investing, has announced its investment in Winnow, recognizing the crucial role of innovative technology in addressing food waste. Sugandhi Matta, ABC Impact's Chief Impact Officer, highlighted the economic, social, and environmental urgency of mitigating food loss and waste. By partnering with Winnow, ABC Impact aims to scale the adoption of Winnow's technology, particularly in Asia, where the potential for impact is vast, and regulatory environments increasingly support sustainability initiatives.

A Greener Future for Asia's Kitchens

Winnow's commitment to reducing food waste in Asia is particularly timely. Regulatory mandates, such as Singapore's requirement for large food waste generators to segregate and treat their waste, underscore the region's move towards more sustainable food systems. Winnow's success stories, including significant waste reduction at establishments like the Hilton Tokyo Bay, demonstrate the tangible benefits of its technology.


The partnership between Winnow and ABC Impact marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable food systems. As the global community increasingly recognizes the need for action against food waste, innovations like Winnow's AI-driven solutions offer a beacon of hope. Winnow and its partners are paving the way for a more sustainable, less wasteful future by cutting food waste in half, improving profitability, and supporting regulatory compliance. With the hospitality sector at the heart of this transformation, the promise of a greener, more efficient food system is closer than ever.


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