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All Things Butter: A Culinary Revolution in the Dairy Industry

In a groundbreaking move that promises to shake up the dairy sector, All Things Butter, an organic butter startup, has successfully secured a six-figure pre-seed funding round. Founded by Chef Thomas Straker and his best friend Toby Hopkinson, the brand is set to make its retail debut in November 2023.

The Visionaries Behind the Brand

Thomas Straker, who also runs London-based restaurants Straker's and Flat Bread, gained public attention through a series of viral social media videos where he explored innovative ways to enhance recipes using butter. His co-founder, Toby Hopkinson, brings valuable experience as the former head of growth at CBD drinks brand Trip.

A Unique Partnership

All Things Butter has collaborated with Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, known for its traditional butter-making methods. The farm churns its butter twice to achieve "the perfect texture and extra creaminess," aligning well with the brand's commitment to quality.

Product Offerings

The brand will offer four different SKUs available to consumers starting November, through its Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) website. Additionally, the products will be listed in an unnamed supermarket, further expanding its reach.

Funding and Future Plans

The pre-seed funding, amounting to more than £530,000, will be utilized for working capital as the brand launches and for team expansion. Toby Hopkinson, who also led the funding round alongside advisor Gavin Youll, expressed excitement about the brand's future, stating, "We have spent day and night perfecting our fresh flavor formulas and can't wait for our product to hit the shelves."

Giving Back to the Community

In a noteworthy initiative, 1% of the brand's sales will go towards supporting the British agricultural industry, underlining the company's commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

With retail listings confirmed for November and a strong team of investors, All Things Butter is poised for success. The brand not only aims to disrupt the dairy industry but also aspires to set new standards in quality and sustainability.


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