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Bar.On Launches Molecular Beer Printer

In just seconds, Bar.on has developed the world's first molecular beer printer, which can print multiple types of beer. Different beer styles can be constructed and customized using molecular-level flavor compounds, such as alcohol percentage, bitterness, fruitiness, sweetness, and spices.

The innovative One Tap prototype allows users to choose any beer style they like, fully customized and freshly mixed, to enjoy at home or in a bar.

Many of Bar.on's flavor compounds are also used in conventional brewing processes. By eliminating fermenting and shipping heavily finished products, One Tap beer printers significantly reduce the environmental footprint and transportation costs by eliminating the need for fermentation. Additionally, Bar.on aims to reduce waste by reducing packaging, and it also uses water efficiently, using only local water.

In blind taste tests, the first molecular beer recipes performed well, opening up new possibilities for enjoying beer tailored to individual tastes.

Molecular recipes were developed by Bar.on based on a decade of specialized research about beer's chemical and sensory characteristics. The One Tap machine demonstrates the possibilities of molecular beer mixing, a brand-new technology that can be applied to a wide range of markets. Later this year, One Tap Pro, a version for pubs and bars, is expected to be field tested.

The One Tap is an excellent example of how technology can bring exciting innovation to established sectors and change how we enjoy our favorite beverages. Bar.on is in talks with hardware manufacturers who may be able to assist with the rollout of beer printers.

The launch date and price for the One Tap have yet to be revealed; however, Bar.on is elated to introduce this revolutionary technology to the public. Negotiations are ongoing with drink brands, small and large, that wish to collaborate and offer a greener alternative - possibly even reducing production costs for non-alcoholic beers. The need for less or no alcoholic refreshments is growing steadily as customers desire more delectable options. By employing their ingenious technology, brewing challenges can be avoided while preserving the flavor and pleasure; without hindering the quality.


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