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Beyond Meat Launches Campaign, Highlighting Nutritional Benefits of Plant-Based Meat

The new multi-platform campaign aims to reshape the conversation about plant-based diets and their health advantages.

Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND), one of the pioneers in the plant-based meat industry, has unveiled its latest marketing campaign titled "This Changes Everything." Developed in partnership with independent advertising agency Chemistry, the campaign aims to spotlight the nutritional advantages of the company's product line-up, including the Beyond Steak, Beyond Burger, and the newly launched Beyond Sausage.

Heart-Healthy Certification

Central to the campaign is the American Heart Association’s endorsement of Beyond Steak as a heart-healthy food. “Health is a leading factor driving consumers toward plant-based meats,” said Akerho “AK” Oghoghomeh, senior vice president of brand marketing at Beyond Meat. “Our new campaign aims to highlight these nutritional benefits, particularly the heart-healthy credentials of Beyond Steak, without sacrificing taste.”

To bring attention to the campaign, Beyond Meat has enlisted the talents of actor and producer Rizwan Manji and the voice of actor and comedian Chris Parnell. The collaboration aims to resonate with consumers by presenting the health benefits of plant-based meats in a lighthearted yet impactful manner.

Previous Steps Toward Transparency

This new initiative builds on the company's earlier campaign, “There’s Goodness Here,” which aimed to counter narratives about “processed” plant-based foods. That campaign, launched a few months ago, showcased the company’s farm-to-table journey, underscoring its commitment to quality and ethical sourcing. The "This Changes Everything" campaign is scheduled to roll out during the week of October 9 across a wide array of platforms.


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