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Biomel Raises $6.9 Million to Revolutionize Plant-Based Gut Health

Biomel, a prominent name in the plant-based gut health sector, has recently secured a substantial investment of £5.5 million / US $6.9 million from Iris Ventures, a venture capital firm. This significant financial backing marks a new chapter in Biomel's journey, further cementing its position as a market leader in the UK for plant-based gut health solutions.

Expanding Horizons with Iris Ventures' Support

Since its inception in 2017, Biomel has experienced rapid growth, achieving over 80% annual organic growth and reaching operational profitability by 2020. The investment from Iris Ventures is set to be used primarily for enhancing production capacity at Biomel’s London facility. This expansion is crucial in meeting the soaring consumer demand for their product range, which includes gut health drinks, snack bars, and powders.

Biomel's Market Presence and Product Range

The company, founded by Steven Hegarty and Janett Lozano, offers a range of products that are stocked by major retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, M&S, and Whole Foods Market. Their expanding presence is not limited to these major chains, as they also have a growing footprint in independent retailers and international markets.

A Vision Rooted in Personal Wellness

Steven Hegarty, the CEO and co-founder, highlights that Biomel was born from a personal desire for healthier and more fulfilling lives. Emphasizing the central role of gut health in overall well-being, Hegarty notes that 70% of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter for happiness, is produced in the gut. Biomel's products are developed with proprietary intellectual property to offer differentiated solutions for those seeking to improve their health through advanced probiotic and prebiotic solutions that support digestive and immune health.

The Commitment of Iris Ventures

Montse Suarez, the founder and managing partner of Iris, commended Biomel for its leadership in the plant-based gut health sector. She emphasized that Biomel’s approach aligns perfectly with Iris Ventures' vision of supporting extraordinary entrepreneurs. Suarez acknowledged Biomel as a trailblazer in the category, with a brand proposition that resonates strongly with modern consumers.


Biomel's latest funding round is not just a financial accomplishment; it represents a significant step forward in promoting good gut health through plant-based solutions. With the backing of Iris Ventures, Biomel is poised to expand its production capabilities and continue its mission of making gut health both delicious and easy. This investment validates Biomel’s business model and its potential to lead the functional gut health market more broadly, offering modern consumers enjoyable and health-enhancing products.


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