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Deliverect and Uber Direct Join Forces to Revolutionize Restaurant Delivery Operations

In a strategic move to redefine the restaurant delivery landscape, Deliverect, a global scale-up specializing in integrating and accelerating online orders for food businesses, has announced a new partnership with Uber Direct. This collaboration aims to empower restaurants to manage and scale their delivery operations more efficiently.

The Partnership: A Two-Way Integration

The partnership introduces Deliverect Dispatch, a platform that enables restaurants to offer fast and reliable white-label delivery services powered by Uber Direct. This two-way integration is currently live in nine markets, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. Restaurants using both Deliverect and Uber Direct can now manage the entire customer experience, from order placement to delivery, seamlessly.

Benefits for Restaurants

The Deliverect Dispatch platform streamlines back-end processes by integrating with the restaurant's point-of-sale (POS) system. This ensures speed and accuracy in order processing. Orders made through a restaurant's owned channels are automatically assigned to Uber Direct and integrated into the existing kitchen operations. This allows restaurants to scale their first-party sales channels without adding operational complexity.

Moreover, restaurants can set the delivery fee pricing for express, same-day, and scheduled deliveries, offering more options for fast, cost-effective delivery for customers. There are no hidden charges or marketplace fees, making it a win-win situation for both restaurants and customers.

Customer Experience and Branding

As a white-label service, Uber Direct enables restaurants to maintain their brand identity and customer data. This builds on an existing business relationship between Uber Eats and Deliverect that dates back to 2018. The integration empowers businesses to foster customer relationships, build loyalty, and meet sales demand effectively.

Jordi Suarez, Global Head of Uber Direct, expressed excitement about deepening the partnership with Deliverect, stating that on-demand delivery is now a basic consumer expectation. Zhong Xu, CEO and co-founder of Deliverect, emphasized the importance of fast delivery as a top determining factor for customer retention in the U.S.

The Deliverect-Uber Direct partnership offers a comprehensive solution for managing and scaling delivery operations. It not only enhances customer experience but also provides restaurants with the tools they need to grow their online food sales. As the demand for convenient and fast delivery services continues to rise, this collaboration sets a new standard for how restaurants can meet consumer expectations while maintaining control over their brand and operations.


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