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From Recipe to Research: How Cerebelly’s Innovations are Changing the Landscape of Baby Nutrition

An oversubscribed Series A funding round closed by Cerebelly, the first and only science-backed, cognitive development-focused baby food brand, led by previous major investors, management and founders, and joined by strong new investors, all of whom are committed to continuing the company's growth.

Founded in 2019, Cerebelly is the only baby food brand with a patent from the U.S. Patent Office for its composition and particular use of 16 essential nutrients that support infant neurodevelopment – a revolutionary development for the industry. This pioneering initiative is the brainchild of Dr., a practicing neurosurgeon and Stanford PhD, developmental neurobiologist, as well as mother of three. By leveraging her knowledge of both modern nutritional science and neuroscience, Cerebelly is leading the way in setting unprecedented standards.

With its latest patent issuance, the company has been a trailblazer in the industry. In just over three years, Cerebelly has managed to set new standards on food safety and quality, setting its own standards for heavy metal and toxin testing in an industry with little regulation. In addition to continuously testing ingredients and finished products, Cerebelly was the first shelf-stable children's food brand to win the Clean Label Project Purity Award.

Cerebelly made a calculated decision to stand out from the mainstream brands with their science-based approach, despite the significant marketing budgets and licensing agreements of those competitors. This risk paid off - within days of launch, they collected customer feedback via an age/developmental milestone survey to create personalized nutrition and products. This strategy proved highly successful, resulting in 10x growth compared to the rest of the baby food industry - now Cerebelly is sold online at Amazon, Thrive Market and, as well as in over 8,200 stores nationwide such as Whole Foods, Target, Meijer, Kroger and Walmart.

Cerebelly's Series A closure was oversubscribed, thanks to its investors that remain passionate about the company's mission to make superior nutrition accessible to children everywhere and give them the best start possible. This round included re-investments from Founders, Management Team Members, Core Board Member Investors, initial seed investors, and new outside major investors. Knudsen Capital is the largest shareholder group, with major additional investments from H Venture Partners, Imaginary Venture Capital Partners, Babybelly LLC, and new investor Redcap Investments LP. The investment will be used for product development, innovation, brand marketing, expanding digital presence and retail growth for enhanced global accessibility.


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