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How Can Weenat's €8.5M Funding Boost Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management?

Courtesy of Weenat
Courtesy of Weenat

In the wake of climate change, agriculture faces unprecedented challenges, particularly water management. Agriculture is a major consumer of global freshwater resources, accounting for 70% of withdrawals, a situation exacerbated by inefficient utilization. The French agtech company Weenat is emerging as a critical player in this scenario, having recently secured significant investment to further its mission of equipping farmers with innovative tools for sustainable agriculture.

Investment for Innovation

Weenat has successfully raised €8.5 million from a consortium of environmentally and socially conscious investors, including the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), Pymwymic, LIBERSET, and IDIA Capital Investissement. This investment underscores a shared commitment to fostering a more sustainable agricultural system in the face of daunting environmental challenges.

The Challenge of Water Scarcity

Water scarcity, driven by climate change, poses a significant threat to global agriculture. With over half of the water in agriculture being inefficiently used, there is an urgent need for technologies that can enhance water management. Weenat addresses this need head-on, leveraging innovation to provide the farming community with the tools required for more efficient and resilient agricultural practices.

Weenat's Evolution

Founded in 2014 by Jérôme Le Roy, Weenat has established itself as a technological leader in the agricultural sector. The company debuted with the first wireless weather station connected to a mobile application, marking the beginning of its journey in revolutionizing farming with data-driven insights.

Over the years, Weenat has expanded its technological repertoire, developing reliable sensors and cultivating expertise in engineering, machine learning, agronomy, and metrology. This commitment to innovation was further bolstered by the acquisition of Weather Measures in 2021, enhancing Weenat's R&D capabilities.

Impact and Expansion

With over 25,000 sensors deployed across Europe and a network supported by more than 200 in-field partners, Weenat has made significant strides in promoting climate-resilient practices in agriculture. The company's technology has been instrumental in conserving millions of cubic meters of water, showcasing the tangible impact of its solutions. Looking ahead, Weenat aims to extend its reach across Europe, empowering farmers with user-friendly and effective tools to address the challenges of climate change and water scarcity.

The Vision for Sustainable Agriculture

Jérôme Le Roy articulates Weenat's ambition to make a meaningful impact on the agricultural sector, emphasizing the importance of innovation in equipping farmers with the necessary tools for resilience. The company's success in conserving water and its plans for expansion underscore its potential to significantly contribute to sustainable agriculture in Europe and beyond.


Weenat's journey from its inception to becoming a leader in weather data and water management illustrates the power of technology in transforming agriculture. With the backing of committed investors and a clear vision for the future, Weenat is poised for greater achievements in fostering sustainable agricultural practices. As climate change continues to challenge farmers globally, Weenat's innovations offer a beacon of hope, demonstrating the potential for technology to mitigate environmental impacts and ensure a resilient and efficient agricultural sector.


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