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Ironic Biotech Secures €1M Pre-Seed Funding to Combat Iron Deficiency

Courtesy of Ironic Biotech - Nelida Leiva Eriksson, CEO
Courtesy of Ironic Biotech - Nelida Leiva Eriksson, CEO

In a significant stride towards bettering the nutritional landscape, Swedish biotech startup Ironic Biotech has recently closed a pre-seed funding round, securing an impressive €1 million. This funding, led by Nordic Foodtech VC, marks a pivotal moment for the company, propelling its groundbreaking research and development efforts forward.

At the core of Ironic Biotech's mission lies an important discovery – a new generation of plant-derived proteins infused with iron, boasting exceptional bioavailability and devoid of any side effects. These proteins, cultivated through precision fermentation, herald a promising avenue for addressing iron deficiency prevalent in a substantial portion of the global population.

Iron deficiency affects up to 25% of the world's populace, leading to a myriad of debilitating symptoms, including exhaustion, fatigue, and anemia. Despite its widespread impact, iron deficiency often goes undetected or underdiagnosed, exacerbating its adverse effects on individuals' health and well-being.

Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson, CEO and founder of Ironic Biotech, elucidates the profound significance of their endeavor, stating, "We aim to aid 2 billion people in preventing and recovering from iron deficiency and anemia. The gender disparity in iron levels, exacerbated by natural iron loss in women, underscores the urgency of addressing this issue, which has long been overlooked."

Traditionally, iron supplementation has relied on red meat consumption, a practice fraught with environmental and health concerns. Moreover, existing iron supplements often induce undesirable side effects, ranging from digestive discomfort to organ damage, rendering them far from ideal solutions.

The innovative compounds developed by Ironic Biotech offer a paradigm shift in iron supplementation. Patented and devoid of adverse effects, these compounds present an enticing prospect for the food and supplement industry. Tasteless and shelf-stable, they offer a viable alternative to traditional sources of iron, catering to the growing demand for plant-based dietary solutions.

Louise Heiberg, Investment Director at Nordic Foodtech VC, emphasizes the transformative potential of Ironic Biotech's innovation, stating, "New ingredients like these enable the food industry to address global health challenges and pivot towards sustainable dietary practices. We are committed to collaborating closely with the Ironic Biotech team to foster their continued success."

Central to Ironic Biotech's vision is empowering women, offering a reprieve from the debilitating effects of iron deficiency. With a steadfast commitment to efficacy and innovation, the company seeks to redefine the landscape of nutritional supplementation, heralding a future where vitality and well-being are accessible to all.

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson, Ironic Biotech boasts a team of visionary leaders, including Eskil Åhlin, a seasoned global business developer, and Hans Holm, an esteemed innovator in the food ingredients and dietary supplement sectors. With their collective expertise and unwavering dedication, Ironic Biotech is poised to revolutionize the nutritional landscape, one iron-infused protein at a time.


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