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Mondra Bags Funding From Peakbridge FoodSparks to Decarbonize the Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain
Food Supply Chain

In a significant leap towards a more sustainable future, Mondra, a pioneering food supply chain decarbonization startup, recently announced the closure of a £3.6 million pre-Series A funding round. This investment marks a crucial milestone for the company and the food industry at large as it gears up to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. But why does this matter for the food industry, and how could it reshape supply chain management? Let's delve into the details.

The Significance of Mondra's Funding

Investor Confidence and Diverse Backing

Mondra's recent funding round drew attention from an array of prestigious investors, including 7 Generation Ventures, AlbionVC, GC Foodtech Ventures, Foodsparks by Peakbridge, Ponderosa Ventures, and Vala Capital. This diverse investor base reflects a strong confidence in Mondra's mission and its potential to drive significant environmental and economic impacts. It's a testament to the growing recognition of sustainable practices as not just ethical choices, but as strategic business imperatives.

Accelerated Deployment and Expansion Plans

The infusion of £3.6 million in capital is earmarked for a rapid roll-out of Mondra's services to UK grocers, with an impressive 85% already on board. This immediate focus on the UK market sets the stage for Mondra's ambitious plans to expand beyond, targeting other retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) segments. Such expansion is not just geographical but also technological, with plans to introduce new retailer insight tools, enhanced agricultural data, and carbon insetting strategies.

Mondra's Role in Decarbonising the Food Supply Chain

Addressing Scope 3 Emissions

At the heart of Mondra's platform is its ability to empower organizations to record, share, and monitor environmental data across the supply chain. This focus on Scope 3 emissions, including all indirect emissions in a company's value chain, is particularly crucial. These emissions are often the largest source of a company's carbon footprint, yet they are the most challenging to measure and manage due to their complex and distributed nature.

Facilitating Life Cycle Assessments

Mondra's platform enables rapid Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on thousands of products, identifying high-impact areas and engaging suppliers in meaningful decarbonization efforts. This capability to prioritize and act swiftly is essential for transitioning to a zero-food system that does not compromise on commercial prosperity.

The BRC Mondra Coalition: A Unified Industry Effort

Mondra has also been instrumental in launching the BRC Mondra Coalition, which unites industry players, government bodies, and NGOs to establish a unified industry standard for measuring product-level environmental performance. This coalition, featuring heavyweights like Tesco, M&S, and Starbucks, signifies a collective commitment to tackling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which account for an estimated 30% of global emissions from food.

Why It Matters for the Food Industry

Setting New Standards in Sustainability

Mondra's efforts and the support it has garnered underscore a pivotal shift in the food industry towards sustainability and accountability. By providing a standardized, accurate, and actionable framework for measuring and reducing emissions, Mondra is addressing environmental concerns and setting new standards in supply chain transparency and efficiency.

Driving Commercial and Environmental Outcomes

The importance of this development extends beyond environmental impacts. As noted by investors, Mondra's platform has the potential to support product development teams in improving products to meet end-consumer demands, thereby driving both impact and commercial outcomes. This dual benefit underscores the alignment of sustainability with business growth, challenging the notion that environmental considerations are at odds with profitability.


Mondra's successful funding round and its consequent plans for expansion reflect a broader recognition within the food industry of the urgent need to decarbonize supply chains. By providing the tools and framework necessary for accurate emissions measurement and management, Mondra is not just pioneering change within the UK. Still, it is also paving the way for a global transformation. As the food industry continues to navigate the challenges posed by climate change, initiatives like Mondra's offer a blueprint for sustainable innovation, demonstrating that a commitment to environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand with commercial success.


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