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Motif FoodWorks Partners with IngredientWerks to Expand Technology Portfolio

Motif FoodWorks, a food technology firm based in Boston, has signed a research collaboration with IngredientWerks, an ag-tech organization that manufactures plant-based proteins for the alternative protein sector. The partnership will study methods to refine heme protein production via molecular farming. IngredientWerks recently closed its seed funding round and specializes in molecular farming and crop protein production to enable plants to generate high value proteins. This proprietary crop protein production system is environmentally friendly, cost effective and allows scalability of alternative proteins on a global scale.

Motif's debut ingredient, HEMAMI™, gives plant-based meats the same meaty flavor and aroma as traditional animal products. This was made possible by the utilization of precision fermentation technology, which is rapidly becoming a leading factor in the alternative food protein industry. However, with many companies now leveraging this technique there is an increased demand on production capacity - so Motif have expanded their approach to ensure that cost control and scalability can be maintained. To assess whether a long-term solution can be reached, Motif began conversations with IngredientWerks to evaluate whether molecular farming could provide an additional technological answer for ingredient production.

Michael Leonard, CEO of Motif FoodWorks, highlighted the impressive nature and potential of precision fermentation, a process that permits the generation of inventive ingredients devoid of animal-based components. As they work to expand their business, they are investigating numerous methods to amplify their production capacities. Molecular farming and crop-derived protein development may prove to be a vital instrument in their repertoire and enable them to apply the most suitable procedure at the correct time to develop ensuing iterations of food.

IngredientWerks is partnering with Motif to explore the possibility of replicating bovine myoglobin found in beef in corn. If successful, the production costs and environmental impact of producing Motif's HEMAMI™ will be significantly reduced. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to advancing sustainable technologies.

Matt Plavan, CEO of IngredientWerks, expressed his enthusiasm for working with Motif to construct a flourishing ecosystem. He pointed out that companies striving to produce alternative proteins in bulk may have capacity issues. However, by investigating the possibilities offered by molecular farming, Motif has taken the initiative. There is potential for the alternative protein industry to establish a budget-friendly and eco-friendly supply chain, eliminating the parity gap.


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