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SHICKEN Secures $5 Million Boost from Veg Capital to Spearhead Global Expansion

Courtesy of Shicken
Courtesy of Shicken

SHICKEN, an emerging leader in the Asian plant-based food sector, has recently announced a significant $5m + investment from Veg Capital. This latest funding round elevates Veg Capital's total investment in the brand to £6m, earmarking SHICKEN for unprecedented growth in the plant-based food industry. The investment is set to accelerate SHICKEN's manufacturing capabilities and launch its restaurant-quality range onto the global stage.

Expanding Manufacturing and Distribution

The funding will primarily enhance SHICKEN's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with CAPEX investments aimed at increasing scale and capability. Notably, the Kent-based site has recently achieved BRC accreditation, distinguishing it as one of the UK's premier dedicated plant-based, nut-free manufacturing sites. This strategic development will enable SHICKEN to expand its range of branded and private label products across both retail and foodservice channels.

Moreover, the investment will bolster SHICKEN's distribution within the UK and support its ambitious plans for overseas expansion. The brand has already made significant inroads into the premium US market with a launch in Sprouts Farmers Market and has secured incremental listings across Costco UK, Iceland, Sweden, and France, particularly with its latest Teriyaki Kebab product development.

A Vision for Global Impact

Parm Bains, Co-Founder of SHICKEN, expressed enthusiasm for the brand's trajectory, highlighting the journey from a promising startup to an international plant-based contender. Bains underscored Veg Capital's role as an ideal partner, sharing SHICKEN's vision for an ethical and sustainable food system. This partnership is poised to catapult SHICKEN into becoming a global brand and a leading plant-based producer within the next five years.

This recent investment will facilitate SHICKEN's ambitious plans to expand its product range and develop recipes for private labels, leveraging Bains' two decades of experience in food manufacturing across major retail and foodservice channels. The move signifies a crucial step toward realizing SHICKEN's potential and its mission to offer innovative plant-based proteins to a wider audience.


With the backing of Veg Capital, SHICKEN is set to redefine the plant-based food industry, offering restaurant-quality, ethical, and sustainable food options to a global market. This significant investment not only underscores the growing consumer demand for plant-based alternatives but also positions SHICKEN at the forefront of this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector. As SHICKEN continues to expand its footprint, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the plant-based food space, promising exciting developments for consumers and retailers alike in the years to come.


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