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Strong Roots Takes a Step Forward: Introducing Climate Footprint Labels

In today's era of conscious consumption, consumers are not just looking for high-quality products; they're seeking transparency and accountability. Recognizing this evolving consumer mindset, Irish plant-forward frozen food brand Strong Roots has taken a pioneering step by introducing climate footprint labels across all its packaging. The move, aimed at helping climate-conscious consumers make informed purchase decisions, is a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability and transparency.

A Collaboration for Clarity

To ensure accuracy and integrity in its climate labeling, Strong Roots has partnered with the Swedish climate company, CarbonCloud. Leveraging CarbonCloud's intelligent software, Strong Roots can meticulously monitor and assess the emissions - from carbon dioxide to nitrogen oxide and methane - tied to the lifecycle of each product, right from its ingredient sourcing to its placement on store shelves and its distribution.

According to Samuel Dennigan, the founder and CEO of Strong Roots, this collaboration enables the brand not just to inform its consumers but also to introspect. With the emission data at hand, the brand can understand its current environmental impact, set benchmarks, and craft roadmaps for improvement in its production processes.

Environment Over Everything

While health remains a primary driver for many opting for plant-based products, the environment is a significant concern for a growing number of consumers. Strong Roots' own study reveals that almost half (45%) of its consumers are driven by environmental motivations. This figure is expected to surge, especially with Generation Z stepping into the arena as a driving force for eco-conscious purchasing. The underlying concern is clear: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a central contributor to the climate crisis. By making simple switches in our diets - say, from meat and cheese (heavy GHG emitters) to vegan alternatives - we can cut emissions by a staggering 75%.

Beyond Just a Label

As Dennigan rightly points out in his Forbes interview, today's consumers demand brands to be environmentally accountable. While many brands are jumping on the climate label bandwagon, there is a distinction between generic climate labels and transparent climate footprint labels. The latter, adopted by Strong Roots and other eco-champions like Quorn, One Planet Pizza, and Oatly, offers an honest look at a company's efforts to curtail its carbon emissions.

The Journey of a Climate Crusader

Founded in 2015, Strong Roots has not only expanded its geographical footprint but also its product portfolio. Boasting an array of frozen vegan delights, from vegetable fingers and chips to more elaborate plant-based entrées like Thai Green Veg Curry or Veggie Masala, the brand prioritizes clean labeling and holds a B Corp certification. Having reportedly raised €95 million, including a notable $55 million investment from McCain Foods, Strong Roots stands as a beacon of growth and sustainability in the food industry.

For those eager to delve deeper into the brand's ethos, Sam Dennigan's interview on FoodTech Junkies offers enlightening insights.

In conclusion, in a world increasingly wary of greenwashing, Strong Roots’ decision to provide transparent climate footprint labels represents more than just a brand strategy. It embodies a genuine commitment to global betterment, one informed choice at a time.


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