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The51 Food and AgTech General Partnership Close $30M For Agtech Fund

A $30 Million fund targeting Pre-Seed to Series A investments in diverse Founders transforming food and agriculture for global impact has been closed by The51 Food and AgTech GP. In addition to Farm Credit Canada, Alberta Enterprise Corporation, National Bank of Canada, family foundations, and industry investors, several accredited investors have also joined the partnership.

Their LPs, Alison Sunstrum, Judy Fairburn, and Shelley Kuipers, are united in their passion for agricultural diversity and preserving the planet for future generations.

"We are in the midst of several seismic events that are defining the world we live in. COVID-19 aftershocks, the conflict between two agricultural superpowers, and climate change are affecting the world's food supply." said Alison Sunstrum, Managing General Partner of The51 Food and AgTech Fund, "Investing in agricultural technology will enhance productivity, reduce waste, mitigate climate change, and create new markets and job opportunities. We are at a crossroads where innovation may tip the scale to a net positive, food secure planet."

With technologies that improve efficiency, decision-making and reduce costs, our producers will be armed with the tools to feed the world's growing population.

"The demand on the agriculture and food industry is proliferating, and we need to meet the need with new ideas, innovations, and technology," said Rebbecca Clarke, vice-president of FCC Venture Capital and fund partner. "This fund will accelerate our ability to get those new, transformational technologies to Canadian producers. We look forward to what the future holds."


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