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Voodoo Scientific Emerges From Stealth and Teams Up with Ginkgo Bioworks

Voodoo Scientific, a company that recently emerged out of stealth and is focused on delivering innovation to the distilling industry, and Ginkgo Bioworks, a leader in cell programming and biosecurity, have announced a partnership to optimize an enzymatic solution that will enable distillers to produce ultra-premium spirit products with exceptional smoothness. By leveraging Ginkgo Enzyme Services, Voodoo Scientific aims to enhance the enzymatic solution critical to their product, allowing distillers to create smooth spirits across various production environments, from craft to global-scale operations.

One of the main challenges in the production of distilled alcoholic beverages is the presence of a harsh sensation, commonly referred to as "bite," when consumed. This harshness can be a deterrent for potential customers and limits the overall appeal of the product. Despite various mellowing techniques employed by distillers, none have been able to completely eliminate this undesirable attribute. Voodoo Scientific, however, has identified the scientific cause behind the harshness and developed an enzymatic solution that provides distillers with the means to manage it effectively. This breakthrough empowers distillers to produce smoother and more premium spirits, while also enabling the creation of new flavor profiles across different spirit types, such as vodkas and whiskies.

The unique enzymatic solution developed by Voodoo Scientific selectively targets and eliminates specific compounds responsible for the harshness in alcohol, without affecting other components that contribute to the beverage's flavor profile. Importantly, the solution seamlessly integrates into existing production processes as a processing aid during fermentation. It does not persist into the bottle, meaning distillers do not need to make any changes to their current equipment or methods. The efficacy and innovation of Voodoo Scientific's enzymatic solution were recently recognized at the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States' (DISCUS) annual conference, where it was honored as a top innovation in the spirits industry.

Joana Montenegro, co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Voodoo Scientific, expressed her satisfaction with providing distillers a way to eliminate or control the harshness of their spirit products. She believes that this partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks will enable meaningful innovation within the global distilling industry, delivering premium experiences to discerning consumers. Voodoo Scientific specifically chose Ginkgo as its partner due to their combination of robust scientific capabilities and a business model that aligns with the objectives of an early-stage company like theirs.

Jennifer Wipf, SVP and Head of Commercial Cell Engineering at Ginkgo, highlighted the suitability of Ginkgo Enzyme Services for engineering enzymes that operate under the unique conditions required for distilled alcoholic beverages. Ginkgo is passionate about improving the functionality of enzymes that underpin critical production processes, making them work more efficiently to unlock new business opportunities for their customers, particularly in the realm of new product development.

The collaboration between Voodoo Scientific and Ginkgo Bioworks represents a significant advancement in the quest for smoother, more enjoyable spirits. Through their joint efforts, the two companies aim to revolutionize the distilling industry by providing distillers with a cutting-edge enzymatic solution that elevates the quality and consumer experience of ultra-premium spirits.



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