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XAG Launches P100 Pro Agricultural Drone in Vietnam, Revolutionizing Farming Efficiency

XAG, the agri-tech company, has unveiled its latest innovation in the agricultural drone industry, the P100 Pro, in Dong Thap province, Vietnam. This cutting-edge product is set to transform farming practices, providing Vietnamese farmers with an autonomous and user-friendly solution with an impressive payload capacity of 50 kilograms. The launch also marks the establishment of the Dong Thap Digital Agricultural Cooperative, aiming to promote the adoption of drone technology in rural areas and upgrade the digital skills of rural youth.

Vietnam, a major agricultural exporter of rice, bananas, and durian, has been grappling with a shrinking agricultural workforce as more workers migrate to the manufacturing and service industries. The introduction of the XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone is seen as a valuable opportunity to enhance agricultural practices and address the challenges faced by the sector.

The XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone is an electric unmanned aerial system specially designed for precise tasks such as seeding, crop spraying, fertilizer spreading, and field mapping. It integrates a foldable quadcopter structure, reducing its folded volume significantly, and allowing easy transportation in minivans and even motorcycles. With the XAG RevoSpray 3 system and a 50-liter smart liquid tank, the drone can efficiently spray at a maximum flow rate of 22 liters per minute, covering up to 19 hectares per hour for open fields and 2 hectares per hour for orchards.

In addition to spraying, the P100 Pro excels in seeding and fertilizer spreading, thanks to the RevoCast 3 system and an 80-liter container. It can spread 50 kilograms of fertilizer in just 20 seconds, amounting to an impressive ten thousand kilograms per day. With its ability to broadcast vertically from the air and against the wind, the seeds or fertilizers are distributed accurately and evenly across the fields, leading to bountiful harvests. Furthermore, the XAG One App enables farmers to operate the drone autonomously using their smartphones, adding convenience and efficiency to their farmwork.

Farmers who have embraced the XAG P100 Pro have witnessed remarkable improvements in efficiency and resource utilization. For instance, a 28-year-old farmer in Dong Thap province, managing a 30-hectare rice farm, achieved a 30% reduction in chemicals and saved valuable time by employing the drone for pest and disease prevention. Similarly, a banana plantation owner from Dong Nai province experienced significant cost and resource savings. What previously required two workers a day to cover one hectare through manual spraying can now be achieved by a small team of operators in just two days using the XAG P100, while reducing water consumption by 80%.

With the launch of the XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone, Vietnam's farming community gains access to a powerful and flexible tool, revolutionizing traditional farming practices and promoting efficiency in agricultural operations. As the adoption of agricultural drones becomes more widespread in rural Vietnam, it not only enhances food security and sustainability but also opens up diverse career opportunities for the next generation of farmers. The XAG P100 Pro is set to play a pivotal role in ushering Vietnam's agricultural industry into a new era of advanced technology and innovation.



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