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Agtech's Saga Robotics Grabs $11.5M in Fresh Funds

Saga Robotics

In a recent stride towards revolutionizing the agricultural sector, Saga Robotics has successfully raised $11.5 million through an equity transaction, showcasing a significant vote of confidence from both new and existing shareholders. Nysnø Climate Investment, Aker, Rabo Ventures, Hatteland, Melesio Capital, and Sanden have continued their support, while Songa Investments, part of the Blystad Group, and MP Pensjon have joined as new stakeholders. This financial infusion marks a pivotal moment for Saga Robotics, reinforcing its innovative approach to sustainable farming practices.

Saga Robotics, a Norwegian tech innovator, is at the forefront of agricultural transformation with its AI-powered autonomous robots, notably Thorvald. These robots are designed to mitigate plant diseases, significantly reduce pesticide use by 60-90%, and lower CO2 emissions, offering a greener alternative to traditional farming methods. The impact of Thorvald is profound, with projections indicating that nearly one in ten strawberries in the UK will benefit from its advanced treatment methods this year alone, according to Anne Dingstad, CEO of Saga Robotics.

The capital raised will fuel Saga Robotics' ambitions to penetrate the American vineyards further, consolidate its dominance in the UK strawberry farms, and innovate with new tools and data services. The UK market has seen substantial growth, with significant contracts in strawberry production paving the way for expansion into the American wine sector. Thorvald robots are not only revolutionizing strawberry farming but are also making inroads into combating powdery mildew in vineyards with UV-C light, negating the need for chemical pesticides.

The introduction of Thorvald 3 represents a leap forward in agricultural robotics, capable of covering larger areas with greater efficiency. This new generation robot is equipped with high-intensity UV-C light and advanced imaging technologies for precise crop monitoring and maintenance, including tasks like cutting runners and spreading predatory mites for natural pest control in strawberries.

The investment from Songa Investments underscores the global potential of Saga Robotics' technology. Jacob Ziesler, Investment Director at Blystad Group, praised the company's innovative solutions for their economic sense and substantial contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With strong backing, Saga Robotics is well-positioned to expand its global footprint, offering sustainable, efficient solutions to the agricultural industry's pressing challenges.

Saga Robotics' journey reflects a growing trend towards integrating technology with traditional farming practices to address environmental concerns and enhance productivity. As the company sets its sights on global markets, its success story serves as a beacon for the future of farming, where technology and sustainability converge to create a more resilient and eco-friendly food production system.


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