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Seasony Secures €1.5 Million for Vertical Farming Robotics

Seasony, a Copenhagen-based startup specializing in mobile robotics for vertical farming, recently announced a significant financial boost, securing €1.5 million in investment. This funding round, led by North Ventures and EFIO (Export and Investment Fund of Denmark), saw contributions from several high-profile investors including Vagn Ove Soerensen, Torben Wind, Klaus Holse, Barbara Taudorf Andersen, and Nicolaj Reffstrup from Look Up Ventures.

The investment is a major step forward for Seasony's mission to revolutionize indoor farming through innovative mobile robotics technology. By bringing the kind of automation seen in Amazon warehouses to the indoor farming sector, Seasony aims to make these operations more scalable, profitable, and sustainable. The startup's ambition is to transform the vertical farming landscape with its mobile robot, Watney, which the co-founder and CEO Christopher Weis Thomasen aspires to be the John Deere of indoor farming.

Watney is designed to handle heavy and potentially dangerous tasks such as lifting and detailed plant analysis, working around the clock from seed sowing to harvest. It moves plant trays on shelves up to 10 meters high, transporting them to different stations while continuously analyzing, reporting, and storing data about each plant and its environment. This capability is expected to significantly streamline operations in vertical farms and increase output per square meter.

The significance of this investment extends beyond Seasony’s technological advancements. The vertical farming market is rapidly growing, with projections indicating it could reach €25 billion by 2030. This growth is evident in the recent accomplishments of other companies in the sector, such as Milan's Planet Farms securing $40 million earlier this month.

Seasony's recent funding success will enable the company to accelerate product development and expand into key markets in the Middle East and North America. This move is aligned with the global trend towards sustainable food production methods and the increasing importance of vertical farming as a solution to agricultural challenges.

In summary, Seasony's funding achievement marks a significant milestone in the vertical farming industry. The company's innovative approach to indoor farming, driven by mobile robotics technology, is set to contribute significantly to making vertical farming more efficient and productive, signaling a new era in sustainable agriculture and food production.


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