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Amadori and REDUCED Join Forces to Develop Sustainable Food Ingredients Through Upcycling

REDUCED Founders
REDUCED Founders

Amadori, a prominent player in the Italian agri-food sector, has embarked on an innovative partnership with REDUCED, a startup specializing in upcycled food ingredients. This collaboration is set to leverage REDUCED's unique fermentation technology, W2T, to transform Amadori's processing side streams into savory food ingredients, marking a significant step in sustainable food production.

Leveraging Innovative Fermentation Technology for Sustainability

REDUCED's W2T technology platform stands at the core of this collaboration. It utilizes a distinctive fermentation process to convert side streams into natural savory flavorings. This technology has been successfully applied to various by-products from the food and agricultural industry, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness.

The partnership between Amadori and REDUCED aims to develop a series of savory food ingredients by utilizing the processing side streams from Amadori through the W2T platform. The prototypes for these innovative products are currently under development in Denmark, with plans to scale up the finalized food ingredients collectively.

Creating Upcycled Food Ingredients for Environmental Impact Reduction

Niels Skovby Jørgensen, CCO at REDUCED, highlights the environmental benefits of this collaboration: "REDUCED is developing and producing a range of upcycled food ingredients that enable manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on taste and flavor." He emphasizes the transparency and effectiveness of this circular partnership in transforming Amadori's side streams into great-tasting solutions.

Amadori's Commitment to Sustainability and Open Innovation

With its integrated supply chain and a workforce of over 9,000 employees, Amadori is a significant figure in the European food and agricultural industry. One of the Group's sustainability targets includes the recovery of side and waste streams, aligning with global efforts to create a more sustainable world.

Giorgia Mainardi, Innovation Manager at Amadori, expresses the Group's dedication to open innovation and collaboration with startups as a strategy to stay ahead of new challenges and anticipate change. She states, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with REDUCED, a Danish startup that develops natural flavors and ingredients from food industry byproducts. REDUCED's technology and process will allow us to create further value from our sidestreams, reducing our environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy.”

Promising Developments in R&D and Flavor Enhancement

The R&D teams from both Amadori and REDUCED are actively collaborating to swiftly finalize the first prototypes, which have already shown promising results. Lorenzo Tirelli, Head of R&D at REDUCED, points out the potential of Amadori’s side streams, especially in flavor development. He notes that residual proteins in these streams can contribute flavor-active compounds like free amino acids and nucleotides, which could be directly applied to Amadori's extensive product portfolio.


The partnership between Amadori and REDUCED is a testament to the growing importance of sustainable practices in the food industry. By upcycling side streams into valuable food ingredients, this collaboration not only reduces environmental impact but also contributes to the circular economy, setting a precedent for future sustainable initiatives in the food and agricultural sector.


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