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Chinova Bioworks Launches a New Fining Agent, Set to Disrupt Beverage Markets

Chinova Bioworks, a Canadian food technology company, has launched MycoKleer™, a sustainably produced vegan fining agent set to transform the manufacturing of beverages. MycoKleer™ saves manufacturers time, energy, and money by improving their efficiencies during the clarification process of drinks.

MycoKleer™ is a cutting-edge, all-natural alternative to synthetic or animal-based fining agents for clarifying beverages. Derived from upcycled white button mushrooms, MycoKleer™ is a vegan, clean-label, self-affirmed GRAS processing aid. It is a fast-acting solution that attracts and binds with yeasts, tannins, proteins, and other unwanted particles from a variety of beverages such as juice, coffee, tea, cider, seltzer, beer, and wine. MycoKleer™ has the added benefit of eliminating or reducing the time needed for cold crashing, filtration, and centrifugation during beverage manufacturing.

"When clarifying beverages, MycoKleer™ replaces synthetic and animal-based fining agents like isinglass, silica, PVPP, bentonite, and gelatin," said David Brown, COO and co-founder of Chinova Bioworks. "Additionally, the natural and vegan nature of MycoKleer™ resonates with consumers demanding clean-label and sustainable ingredients."

MycoKleer™ significantly impacts beverage manufacturing by offering a rapid, easy-to-use vegan clarifying solution. It attracts and binds with unwanted particles, and then within 12-24 hours, it settles a solid layer at the bottom of the tank. This allows brewers to easily rack off the remaining clear liquid.

Recently, Chinova Bioworks worked with Moonshine Creek Distillery, to remove the natural sedimentation and haze in their best-selling Apple Crumble cocktail. After a series of successful pilot tests, MCD produced an entire batch of the Apple Crumble cocktail containing MycoKleer™, rapidly reducing the haze and saving them significant labor and production costs.

"Our old labor-intensive process used a sensitive filtration system and, after settling, caused us to lose 10 liters out of every 50-liter batch," said Joshua Clark, Moonshine Creek Distillery's Vice President and Co-Owner of Moonshine Creek Distillery. "With MycoKleer™, we saved an additional 3 liters per batch of Apple Crumble cocktail. Plus, we reduced the number of materials used and created a less labor-intensive process while producing superior clarity in the Apple Crumble cocktail than the original in less time."

MycoKleer™ will save beverage manufacturers time, energy, and money during their production process while providing them with a sustainable green resource that helps them cut down on their waste.


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