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Clean Food Group Joins Forces with Roberts Bakery to Tackle Bread Waste

In a notable collaboration, the UK-based Clean Food Group has partnered with Roberts Bakery, one of the UK's leading bakery brands. This collaboration is set to transform surplus bread products into sustainable consumable oils, marking a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issue of food waste in the baking industry.

The partnership will utilize Roberts Bakery's surplus bread as a feedstock for Clean Food Group's proprietary fermentation technology. This innovative process aims to convert discarded bread into valuable oils and fats, demonstrating the potential of circular economy principles within the food industry. With nearly one million tons of bread lost from the supply chain each year, this initiative could have a substantial impact on reducing waste.

Currently in the trial phase, the long-term ambition of this partnership is to create a circular ecosystem. In this envisioned process, Roberts Bakery would be able to use the glucose syrup and oils produced from their own surplus bread supply in their bread and biscuits, thus closing the loop in their production cycle.

Professor Chris Chuck, Co-founder at Clean Food Group, shared insights on the positive outcomes of the initial trials, highlighting the technology's capability to utilize various components of bread. Will Harrop, Head of Sustainability and the Environment at Roberts, discussed the partnership's role in aligning with Roberts' environmental and waste reduction objectives.

Clean Food Group is focused on scaling its technology, advancing regulatory pathways for sustainable oils and fats, and working closely with commercial partners. CEO Alex Neves expressed excitement about entering a new era for oils and fats, addressing key concerns in modern food production, including limiting food waste and reducing the environmental impact of traditional ingredients.

Finally, this collaboration between Clean Food Group and Roberts Bakery represents a significant innovation in the baking industry, potentially revolutionizing the way food waste is managed and contributing to a more sustainable future.


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